1/2 Finale Top 14 2015

The Stade ns France was tickled pink conditions météorologiques Saturday evening after marin Steyn kicked stade Francais venir a 12-6 victory over Clermont Auvergne venir claim this season"s dessus 14 title.

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In beating the Champions Cup runners-up, Stade oui won their first French domestic couronner since 2007, the year in i beg your pardon they also defeated Clermont to seize that season"s championship.

Franck Azema"s page will counting this ont yet another case ns so close and yet sauce soja far, having actually finished seconde to toulon in the European final as their wait for autre Top 14 triumph lingers on.

Read on for a rundown of the biggest winners et losers venir emerge native Saturday"s intensif finale.

Winner: marin Steyn and His gold Boot
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Gallo Images/Getty Images

Considering conditions météorologiques witnessed ne sont pas tries conditions météorologiques Saturday evening, cette was the kickers who took a leading role nous Saturday, and Stade hitman Steyn once again proved à be thé difference.

The fly-half kicked all 12 of Stade"s points against Clermont seul a fortnight after slotting 28 point against racing 92 in thé quarter-finals, which he followed up par striking autre 18 points against toulon in critical weekend"s semi.

Steyn"s to trust was clearly in thé ascendancy after attempting je vous demande pardon would oui been a sensational long-range drop score in thé 50th minute, a authorize of how eager the South african was venir take auto leader"s mantle.

Despite tous the positives, this wasn"t a performance without that is flaws. Steyn pinned his à côté de back on chance after being found coupable of kicking it out nous the full, cible give the sharp-shooter a penalty possibility at your own risk.

Loser: Stop-Start Coverage
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Stu Forster/Getty Images

Super Rugby audiences are only too acquainted with auto half-time interview, marqué Saturday"s top 14 définitif coverage to be intruded upon passant par a few too numerous dispatches toward the touchline.

Injured players, coaches and substitutes were all among those finding themselves on the end du a microphone, expected venir give some knowledge in referral to the game—seldom is the aim achieved.

Not only aller these disturbances take thé viewer far from the terrain and sometimes an outcome in on-pitch terrain being missed, cible it"s rare that comme? ou quoi genuinely adds an extremely much to the matchup.

And who deserve to blame a entraîneur or player à la being contempt distracted as soon as their team is vying à la a residential championship? 

Reduce auto amount de these mid-match memoirs, or better yet, let"s aller away with them entirely et stick to the pre- et post-reaction.

Winner: français Rugby
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Jacques Brinon/Associated Press

Clermont peut faire not find cette in themselves to sympathise oui such, marqué seeing stade Francais climb from auto depths of a fourth-place finish to claim France"s haut prize is the le meilleur thing parce que le the advancement of the dessus 14.

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Many perceive the french top flight ont a attribuer ruled par finances, et Toulon"s doubs last season might oui suggested thé European champions were set for a syndicate over that silverware.

Having finished thé regular season as runners-up, Clermont have for some time been the page looked upon as closest to Toulon in terms du overall quality, marqué Saturday"s result proved there"s more to the Top 14.

It was also heartening to see stadion start v 10 french players in Paris, six ns whom ont received full denchères team honours.

The real rags-to-riches tale would have been Oyonnax claiming haut 14 glory, cible Stade"s triumph is precious settling for as we go after a more balanced competition not ruled by a select few heavy investors.

Loser: Letter de the Law
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Jacques Brinon/Associated Press

The pursuit ns a fast and fluid would certainly see the rules bending at times, certainly, marqué far too frequently these days—Saturday"s game included—are nous seeing public official permitting them venir be broken.

Referee Pascal Gauzere offered his horn a thoroughly workout, cible that was an ext thanks to auto feisty nature of the tie and fists being thrown at times rather than appropriate regulation.

Players paris in at thé ruck éteindre their feet to be a continual problem walking without proper punishment, of which both teams were guilty, et the unfortunately stigma of scrum feeding bore its head oz again.

It"s unfortunate the such comme? ou quoi must be fabriqué in a fixture involving two such world-class teams, cible the sooner there"s a blanket approach venir accurate officiating, the sooner such troubles will ultimately simmer away.

Loser: auto Supporters
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FRANCOIS MORI/Associated Press

It"s ever before disappointing when a jeu holding haricot de soja much on the heat doesn"t live up to expectations, but these are the risks on hand when two teams know what"s at stake.

A parcelle of scrappy mistakes indigenous Steyn, Morgan Parra et Camille Lopez directif to a loss du momentum à la great patches, et seeing no a single try scored undoubtedly won"t have gone under well in Paris.

As far ont kicking jeux go, this absolutely wasn"t the worst, oui there to be plenty of endeavour comes from the players, marqué it clearly wasn"t enough à produce the end-to-end encounter every la poêle will oui been seeking.

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