In 2012, Naxos AudioBooks approve each du the seven volumes du Proust’s Remembrance de Things Past séries unabridged, novel by novel, ont was the boîte in Proust’s own time.

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Neville Jason, who read thé abridged versions conditions météorologiques Naxos AudioBooks, read thé complete series unabridged.


Remembrance du Things Past

The critic andrew Maurois defined Proust’s Remembrance ns Things Past ont ‘one du the greatest works ns the imagination of all time’.

The literal meaning translation du the work’s français title, ‘In search of perdu Time’, consists of within it a noter to the creation of this monumentale work of biographical fiction. Having wasted temps living a dilettante existence in the fashionable world, Proust, in middle age, decided to re-dedicate his first to art, and to attempt at last venir achieve thé great work de which he knew self capable.

Remembrance de Things previous was his chanceux to justification his life, and to cheat fatality through an loi of creative creation. Ce was auto means he would use to conquer temps through recreating his lost years. Storage was auto material v which hey would weave auto magic cord to be launched right into infinity; that cord which now binds us to him, and stretches front into auto future, linking his genius venir unborn generations.

The Author

Marcel proust was frontière on 10 July, 1871. His father, a identified professor du medicine, to be from a Catholic family, when his mère was Jewish. Although encouraged from année early lâge of his calling as a writer, proust was riddled through self-doubt and wrote relatively signification littérale at thé beginning of his career.

During his twenties, cette co-founded a short-lived review, le Banquet; added to another literary publication, les Revue Blanche; and in 1896 had his first livre published, a collection of essays entitled les Plaisirs et esquive Jours.

He became an enthusiastic admirable of Ruskin and translated his bibliques of Amiens and Sesame and Lilies right into French. A novel, jeans Santeuil, i beg your pardon was the precursor of Remembrance du Things Past, to be abandoned, and eventually published longue after Proust’s death, in 1954. Parce que le much ns his youth Proust directif the tons of a man-about-town, frequenting fashionable paris drawing rooms and literary salons, which were venir form auto background de a num of his early stories and sketches, et subsequently of Remembrance of Things Past.

The death de his adored mother in 1905 resulted in a concerned collapse and aggravated his chronic asthma et insomnia. But, regardless of his grief et the sense de loss, indigenous which cette never recovered, his mother’s fatality freed that with regard to his homosexual way of life, et allowed him venir address same-sex amour in his writing, albeit in a type which treated such experiences ont happening venir others rather than to himself.

In 1907 cette moved into année apartment in the rue principale Haussmann where, in thé bedroom which hey had had actually lined through cork to keep the end noise, hey embarked dessus his good work À ns Recherche ns Temps Perdu (Remembrance ns Things Past). In cette the minuteness de his observation, the depth du his psychological understanding and the vividness of his descriptive powers combined to create one du the many poetic et magical works in all literature.

Publication of Remembrance du Things Past

This long autobiographical cycle was initially published in eight sections: aux Côté du Chez scie (Swann’s Way) in 1913; A L’Ombre des Jeunes filles en Fleurs (Within a Budding Grove) in 1918; ns Côté aux Guermantes i (The guan Way I) in 1920; ns Côté ns Guermantes II and Sodom rang Gomorrhe ns (Cities du the plain I) in 1921; Sodom und Gomorrhe la deuxième année in 1922; les Prisonnière (The Captive) in 1923; Albertine Disparue (The Sweet Cheat Gone/The Fugitive) in 1925 et Le temps Retrouvé (Time Regained) in 1927.

Proust was obliged to publish Swann’s way at his very own expense, et even after cette had appeared, had trouble recognize a publisher for the prochain part, A L’Ombre des Jeunes filles en Fleurs. However, when it appeared in 1918 cette received significant acclaim, and was awarded the awards Goncourt the following year.

By auto time prière died, nous 18 November, 1922, the first four parts du the période had to be published, leaving thé others to appear posthumously.

The Life et Work of marcel Proust

To avoid any type of confusion, it may be advantageous to mettre en ordre out the Proust’s an excellent work, À ns Recherche du Temps Perdu, was originally analyzed into English de Charles K. Scott-Moncrieff et published in 1922 under auto title, Remembrance ns Things Past. It was consequently re-translated de Terence Kilmartin et appeared in 1981 oui In find of perdu Time. In 2002 a nouveau edition showed up under auto same title, with each volume assigned à a various translator. Thé Naxos AudioBooks recordings use auto Scott-Moncrieff text and, in references to the work, je use Scott-Moncrieff’s title.

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My own la communication with proust began when, as a 17-year-old schoolboy, I sapin read Swann’s Way. I could not oui guessed then that, plenty of years into thé future, proust would take over my tons to such année extent. Over a six year period during auto 1990s, je abridged and recorded Remembrance de Things Past parce que le Naxos Audiobooks, for whom I have now videotaped this entire, uncut text.

When je was asked to write thé Life et Work of marcel Proust (see www.hijackingcatastrophe.org), cette occurred to me that, although the people on whom proust based his characters were no plus long living, auto places he wrote about were still there, et so i travelled to la france to check out them.

I was delighted venir discover the Illiers, where marcel Proust invested his holidays as a child, and which compte in the book ont Combray, is currently marked nous maps et road signs as Illiers-Combray, in main recognition de the reason for this sleepy village’s more comprehensive fame.

In a narrow street seulement off the market square in Illiers-Combray is the loger in i m sorry Proust’s father, Adrien Proust, was born, et further follow me is the loger of his aunt Élisabeth, now a prière museum, whereby Élisabeth’s fictional counterpart, auto bedridden Aunt Léonie, watched the world go par from her bedroom window. Around the corner native the loger is a précis boulangerie v a sign in the window announcing proudly: ‘This is where Aunt léonie bought her madeleines’. Cette only occurs venir me oui I purchase a packet ns the scallop-shaped cakes, the Aunt léonie is a creature ns fiction. Never mind, Aunt Élisabeth could well ont patronised thé establishment, or one very choose it. Up auto hill there a real loger called Tansonville, thé name of the house occupied by Charles Swann, and later par his daughter Gilberte and her husband Robert aux Saint-Loup, et further nous there is a real ville called Méréglise, a name almost identical to the fictional Méséglise.

Water lilies are still reflected in thé glassy surface du the sortie Loir, which in the livre bears the more poetic name auto Vivonne, et beyond auto stream lies the pré Catalan, auto enchanting park created par Proust’s horticulturally minded Uncle Jules. Native Illiers ns travelled conditions météorologiques to Cabourg, a seaside resort on the Normandy coast, the original of thé fictional Balbec. Here je found the dénormes Hotel in toutes les personnes its Edwardian splendour. Ce was rebuilt after réellement spent holidays there oui a child, cible he returned as année adult, et sections ns Remembrance ns Things previous were composed beneath that roof. As in Within a Budding Grove, auto great glass windows ns the restaurants look the end over the esplanade to the beach below, and with a au sens propre imagination, that group of budding young girls in bikinis is transformed right into the signification littérale band of ‘jeunes filles en fleurs’ outlined against auto sea.

I travelled nous to Paris, visite 102 rue principale Haussmann, Proust’s home à la many years, where cette wrote so much de Remembrance ns Things Past. Thé building is encore owned passant par the same bank that purchased ce from Proust’s aunt, when sa inconsiderate decision venir sell ce forced him à move. His bedroom is still there, marqué unfurnished, et to see auto room as it was, one is obliged venir visit the musées Carnavalet, where his bed, chaise-longue et other results are displayed in a reconstruction de the well known cork-lined room.

A walk to auto gardens of the région Élysées brought me to année area with a authorize announcing that I matin in the allée Marcel Proust. Children chasser each other – possibly playing the modern equivalent du ‘prisoners base’, the jeu played de Gilberte and her friends. This is where auto real marcel played oui a son with thé real Marie aux Benardaky, with whom he fell in love, just as the fictional marcel falls in amour with auto fictional Gilberte Swann.

In thé real world the same spaces are lived in now par different people. Time has moved on, cible places remain, et we ont the privilege ns being current in not seul the imaginary world prière created, cible that portion of thé real civilization which had actually a aller in the creation. His presence has left behind a trace du magic, et we see places differently, because nous see them with his eyes. One day those emplacement will have crumbled right into dust, oui will we ourselves, and the space we now consider ours will be occupied par others. But oui long oui civilisation remains, those that come after nous will be able à share Proust’s vision and enter his world. Proust was conscious that de lart is the only true reality, and that with his creations thé artist continues to live after his death, past space et beyond time.

Notes passant par Neville Jason


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Neville Jason

Born in 1934, Neville Jason trained at RADA where cette was vested the dictionnaire prize de Sir john Gielgud. His tons appearance in the theatre was in péter Brook’s fabrication of Titus Andronicusstarring Laurence Olivier et Vivien Leigh. Cette was a member du the Old Vic Company, the English stage Company, the royalistes Shakespeare Company and the Birmingham Repertory Company. In addition, Neville showed up in many musicals, including Kiss moi Kate and Irma la Douce.

Television appearances included MaigretDr WhoHamletCrime et PunishmentDixon of Dock GreenWhen thé Boat comes InMinderDempsey et Makepeace, and Windmill close to a Frontier. Amongst his film work was the saut movie From Russia through Love. Hey was a member of the bbc Radio Drama société three times, and was regularly heard in radiophonique plays, documentaries et arts programmes.

Neville started his combinaison with Naxos AudioBooks in the very early days du the label and was a prolific contributor à its output. Perhaps many notable was his Remembrance ns Things Past by his lovely Proust, marqué his readings prolonged to the literary classics du Russia (War and PeaceEvgenii Onegin) and England (The Once et Future King and Far from thé Madding Crowd). His work parce que le Naxos to be recognised nous several occasions: ont a director, he won Talkie récompenses for Great Expectations and Poets ns the great War; and as a reader, cette won AudioFile Earphone prix for The CaptiveTime RegainedThe Once and Future King and War et Peace (Best Audiobooks du the year 2007 and 2009).

Nicolas Soames, constitue Publisher of Naxos AudioBooks, has angot memories ns his temps working v Neville. ‘Over deux decades de close association I had nothing marqué complete peur for Neville et his craft oui a reader. Auto sheer range de subjects among the 60 recordings cette read pour Naxos AudioBooks verified his versatility and his impeccable preparation. However, there is ne sont pas doubt that cette will it is in remembered particularly pour his recordings of Proust, where his urbane, measured, insightful performances, continual over 120 hrs in thé unabridged version, ont resulted in one of the best audiobook landmarks of toutes les personnes time. It truly was a privilege à be associated in this momentous, unmatched achievement.’

Shortly avant his death, Neville recorded The regular Table by prea mo Levi, an idea pour audiobook that cette himself had actually suggested. Happily, cette was able venir hear auto edited enregistrer during his critique days.

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Our sympathy goes à his wife, Gillian, et his family.

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