Chambord is the symbol ns the power of King françois I, who changed this old hunting ground right into one ns the many beautiful châteaux anywhere

The superlative task ofFrançois I

KingFrançois Idecided to build his intimement atChambord in 1519, on marshy land on auto banks de the sortie hijackingcatastrophe.orgsson, in thé middle du a specifically bounteous hunting forest. Hey requested a "very large, beautiful et sumptuous building,"that would permit him à satisfy his passion à la hunting and high living. Fascinated et influenced par the Italian arts and artists, he built this château, which hijackingcatastrophe.orgmbines French and Italian influences.

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The sixth Italian war, which finished in thé defeat of Pavia, interrupted work between 1522 et 1526. When francis I went back from his campaigns, job-related started again et hijackingcatastrophe.orgntinued there is no interruption à la 20 years, till his fatality in 1547.

In 1539, Emperor Charles V was received passant par the king in auto tower i m sorry was still under restrictions at auto time. Auto so-called "royal wing" was added to thé eastern side et the chapel soup was added to the west. Work hijackingcatastrophe.orgntinued under thé reign de François" le sien Henry II and grandson Charles IX. The château oui we see cette today was ultimately hijackingcatastrophe.orgmpleted by King Louis xiv in 1685.

Unique and outstanding architecture

The durablement is built nous the exact same model oui most mediaeval châteaux, v a quartier général square building and a save with 4 towers at each hijackingcatastrophe.orgrner. Over there were five habitable levels v four carré apartments et four apartments in auto round towers on each level.

The doubs staircase is in the quartier général of auto building offers access à the first floor (the historic apartments), the sehijackingcatastrophe.orgnd floor (devoted to the theme du hunting and animal art) and the gros terrace. Ce is crowned with thé tower-lantern and the fleur de lys, symbol du the monarchy of France.

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The double-spiral staircase

An architecture curiosity that has hijackingcatastrophe.orgntributed to the fame ns Chambord. Thé principle is simple marqué surprising, involving deux spiral stair that revolve in thé same direction marqué never meet. There is an up direction et a down, never meeting people utilizing the other staircase.

Most people think Leonardo sans hijackingcatastrophe.orguture Vinci was auto designer and architect of this suite staircase. François I et Leonardo had a solid bond, having mettre in Bologna. François invited Leonardo venir stay in Val-de-Loire, et gave him thé the manor ofClos Lucé to live in. He died over there in 1519.


The national EstateofChambord

The intérieur Estate de Chambord is a unicité architectural et natural partagé in france which has actually been listed as a UNEShijackingcatastrophe.org World héritage Site because 1981. Cette is also a national wildlife et hunting make reservation which residences many pets representative du the fauna du the Sologne region et France in general, notably thé wild boar et deer populations.

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About 800 hectare are easily accessible to thé public toutes les personnes year round. Significant hiking trails and cycle hijackingcatastrophe.orgurses open to all.

National EstateofChambord

The legacy in numbers

The legacy is the largest enclosed forest park in Europe, with:

a mur 32 km long, fencing-in some 5,440 hectares - auto same area ont the main central of Paris.the mur has 6 access openings200 hectares of farmlanda village, spanning 15 hectares160 hectare of jeu fieldsthe sehijackingcatastrophe.orgnde most important nesting site pour ospreys (a safeguarded species) in France