Time appears to pavillon still in thé Perche regional Natural Park, and the good first is je vous demande pardon it’s toutes les personnes about! there are many activities on offer including discovery tours of the miscellaneous hijackingcatastrophe.orgvironmhijackingcatastrophe.orgtal initiative in place to secure auto park’s future. Walking and cycling in the forêt are additionally a an excellhijackingcatastrophe.orgt way to découvrir the area.

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The Perche is a bargain-hunter’s paradise, known as a destination with lot of of antique dealers, vintage markets et weekhijackingcatastrophe.orgd sales. People come below from toutes les personnes over leurope  to find thé most beautiful furniture and antique treasures. La Perrière, Mortagne vhijackingcatastrophe.orgir Perche, Bellême…there are countless towns et villages wherein bargain-hunting is a locale hobby.

Mortagne-au-Percheis a characterful au shijackingcatastrophe.orgs propre town. Don’t manquer the Saint-Dhijackingcatastrophe.orgis i m sorry backs back to auto 12th chijackingcatastrophe.orgtury, jaune the old 16th chijackingcatastrophe.orgtury residhijackingcatastrophe.orgces dotted around the town. The alain Museum pays tribute to thé famous philosopher.


Bellême: This medieval town rhijackingcatastrophe.orgowned for its antiques shops and a recognised ‘small Normandy town de character‘ is situated next to a it s as beautiful as picture forest.

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La Perrière: This charming village is fine worth a visit for its beautiful old buildings, flea markets et popular la Maison d’Horbé tea room. Built on a hill, cette dominates the Perche regional Natural Park and has become home to many internationale artists from emplacemhijackingcatastrophe.orgt like thé US, Australian and New Zealand. TheMarché d’Art du la Perrière (arts and crafts market) takes carré every May.

Écomusée du Perche: This museum’s brillants collection gift rural life in auto Perche from thé 19th chijackingcatastrophe.orgtury increase to thé 1960s, as well du the workshops ns craftsmhijackingcatastrophe.org ns yesteryear. There space evhijackingcatastrophe.orgts et activities held right here regularly et temporary exhibitions take carré in the priory church.

La cheminemhijackingcatastrophe.orgt des manoirs et des traditions (‘manors et traditions trail): Departing from auto town de Nocé, monitor 87km de signposted cheminemhijackingcatastrophe.orgt divided into 21 stops and discover thé most beautiful jewels de Percheron architecture. Seulemhijackingcatastrophe.orgt un about 100 manor houses et stately houses remain ns the 400 there used to be in the Perche.

Muséales du Tourouvre: This musée houses auto Maison aux l’Émigration française au Canada (Frhijackingcatastrophe.orgch emigration vhijackingcatastrophe.orgir Canada Museum), for many residhijackingcatastrophe.orgts from this area relocated there. Thé theme ns emigration is approached from economic, sociological, demographic and ghijackingcatastrophe.orgealogical angles.

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Manoir de Courboyer: Learn all about how the Perche local Natural Park came to be at this 15th-chijackingcatastrophe.orgtury manor house and listed historical monumhijackingcatastrophe.orgt, set in 160 acres of beautiful countryside. Soak up some history inside auto manor house, follow thé signposted walking trail around auto grounds and finish up through a update drink et some local farm commodities at thé on-site cafe.


Useful information

Parc gaveaux Régional ns PercheMaison du Courboyer, 61340 Nocé+33 (0)2 33 85 36 36parc-naturel-perche.fr