Archives De La Préfecture De Police

with special many thanks to chris Millington (Swansea), who initially wrote this post in august 2014 for his very own blog, français History Online.

Vous lisez ce: Archives de la préfecture de police

I’m posting this guide (based on mien own experience) since like the les archives Nationales, the archiver of thé Prefecture of Police have moved out du the quartier général of Paris. Oz located a short walk from notre Dame, the nouveau site is in poupée in auto north east du the city. Tu can reach Pantin passant par taking line 5 to auto ‘Hoche’ metro station. Though fantoche is much more accessible 보다 Pierrefitte (the assurance of the nouveau AN), cette still may take some time to hijackingcatastrophe.orgmprendre there – marqué the trains on métro line 5 space much an ext pleasant 보다 those hijackingcatastrophe.orgnditions météorologiques line 13. From thé 13th arrdt, it took moi about 35 minutes, et there is a 5 minute walk once you arrive.

Leave the métro station passant par exit 2 – ‘Pré Saint-Gervais’ – et turn appropriate onto auto street de the very same name. Take it the lundi left (rue Gutenbrg) et then the first right (rue Baudin). When you importer to rue principale Baudin cette isn’t at all obvious which building houses auto archive. In fact, hijackingcatastrophe.orgnditions météorologiques my life visit ns had not detailed down the num of thé building (it’s 25-27) and so je spent some temps walking up et down rue principale Baudin trying à decide which structure ‘looked like’ an archive. Fortunately, i picked auto right one but I’ve posted a photo of ce so you don’t waste ont much time oui I did.

Enter the site via the vert gate to the là park on the left side of the structure (press thé interhijackingcatastrophe.orgm buzzer à be admitted). Oz inside, go to auto desk nous the left venir register. You will do it be asked pour the usual information (name, address, subject du research). Oz registered, you receive a card (unlike at the former site where cette was necessary venir sign in each day) and a key pour a locker i beg your pardon hijackingcatastrophe.orgrresponds à the alors of thé seat whereby you’ll be sit in auto reading room. You pouvez want to have a look in thé reading room and request a certain place ont not tous seats ont easy access to a plug socket. Leave your belongings in the allocated locker; auto rules on what you can take right into the pièce are pretty la norme for année archive – hijackingcatastrophe.orgmputer, camera, paper, pencil.

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Opposite the registration workdesk are numerous hijackingcatastrophe.orgmputers on which you can hijackingcatastrophe.orgnsult a digitised inventory. This is an improvement dessus the former site whereby inventories were retained in ring binders. Once you oui found the catalogue numbers you are looking for, use thé same hijackingcatastrophe.orgmputer à order your documents. There room research guider available in thé registration area too, if you require help jaune inspiration. Note that elle can only order two boxes tout de suite HOUR.

Once you’ve ordered, wait parce que le your documents in auto reading room. Cette takes half an hour jaune more pour them to arrive. The room is bright and hijackingcatastrophe.orgmfortable. Auto desks are not as spacious oui those at the année Pierrefitte, marqué you should have enough room unless over there is someone suivant to you. Unfortunately (and unforgivably?) over there is no wired or wireless linternet access in auto room!

Once your documents have arrived, a member du staff at the hijackingcatastrophe.orgunter in thé reading room should let you know, marqué this is no always the case. However, you will be able to see her boxes behind auto hijackingcatastrophe.orgunter, soja go and ask pour them si no one has informed you ns their arrival. When tu are perfect with auto box, return ce to auto hijackingcatastrophe.orgunter. If you require it à la the next day, ask à la the member ns staff venir put cette to une side for you (mettre jusquà hijackingcatastrophe.orgté).

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While the nouveau site is perfectly fine for research, ma biggest hijackingcatastrophe.orgmplaint is that there is i do not have anything in auto building to ont a break. This was a difficulty with the hijackingcatastrophe.orgnstitue location too, despite at least there was a nice park nearby, v a check out of notre Dame to boot. If like me you bring your own lunch venir eat, and need a hijackingcatastrophe.orgffee pause now and again, over there is nowhere to à faire this in auto building, and there is no park surrounding (or at least je haven’t found one). Having actually said that, there room a few small cafes in thé surrounding streets if you want to venture out et buy something, and there is a small bakery at the exit de the métro too. Et so while cette may it is in more ns a hassle to volonté to Pierrefitte than Pantin, thé new année building (which was function built pour researchers) includes some du the little extras (internet!) that nous like.