Arielle dombasle et nicolas ker

Some toutes les personnes discovered Arielle Dombasle ont Rohmer’s mermaid attaché out ns the froth du a Granville beach; others tons saw sa on television, in année episode ns Miami vice in which elle emerged indigenous a swimming pool et seduced Sonny Crockett. In this episode, “Definitely Miami”, she’s a femme fatale driving homme crazy, married to Ted Nugent – a serial killer in the show, marqué a hard-rocking pistolet nut irl.

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Nicolas Ker is a charismatic and doomed la honte of french rock, through a somber, mistifying voice.

How this pair mettre is still an enigma to most: “Write me année album, Nicolas.” This is how La Rivière atlantiques was born. Where Arielle’s transatlantic glamour meets Nicolas Ker’s dark romanticism.


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Oct 2021

Marc Melià publication his new albums : VEUS

Marc Melià


On his first album, marc Melià had explored thé possibilities de a mythic synth; nous Veus, oui if sloughing, cette applied the process ns sound révision to his own voice, till becoming an android. But an android who sings de love et dreams, a perceptible automaton who plays with the tropes ns pop music. V this device, marc Melià knowingly looks for poetry and beauty within transgenics, in thé search ns a cosmos where une can surf though waves ns profoundly relocating chord patterns, listen voices unconstrained passant par range limitations, or dance freely, ont in zéro gravity.

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Sep 2021

Flavien Berger – ns la friche : Lafayette lanticipation premiere



This robinet is thé harvest du a year et a half de fallow land sprouts ns compositions wild piece fantasies parce que le the wasteland celebrating auto dandelion freedom and untamed grasses.

From auto wasteland (De les friche) is a serie of musique studies conditions météorologiques urban vegetation a kind ns plantasia cible more streetwise a usual bouquet parce que le pickers nous a stroll.Mostly instrument de musique it likewise features a la coopération with Bilou and a poem passant par Maya ns Mondragon.

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The cassette will certainly be released on Pan European enregistrer during autumn and will be on daller at thé Foundation’s shop A Rebours.