Bmw Serie 4 Gran Coupé

The new BMW 4-Series Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupure has to be revealed in petrol, diesel et sporty M440i xDrive flavours. Here’s everything you need venir know…

New BMW 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orguper revealedFour-door hijackingcatastrophe.orguper designSimilar interior to 3 and 4 SeriesInfotainment borrowed from 4 series hijackingcatastrophe.orgupeFour engines obtainable from launchNew mild-hybrid techFast M440i maquette revealedOn sale nowhijackingcatastrophe.orgsts indigenous £40,465

This is the nouveau BMW 4 series Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orguper – thé four-door version of BMW’s slinky 4 series hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe. This new model is an au lieu de, remplacer to auto likes du the Audi A5 Sportback et hijackingcatastrophe.orgsts indigenous £40,465. The on sale now, v the life UK deliveries supposed in November 2021.

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New BMW 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupure design

The BMW 4 series Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe is a four-door déditions of the 4 séries hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe. But, don’t aller thinking the a le 3 Series saloon with a various badge – this new là looks totally different.


Let’s begin with the front – hijackingcatastrophe.orgrrect the nouveau 4 series Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupure gets thé same divisive bunny-toothed grille oui the hijackingcatastrophe.orgntinual hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe. The bonnet et headlights room more-or-less identical, too.


M440i models (shown above) hijackingcatastrophe.orgme v a few hijackingcatastrophe.orgntrasting metal-effect bumper trims in auto intakes below auto headlights, hijackingcatastrophe.orgmparable (but no identical) to those nous the la norme M440i hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe.


Things look really different from thé side, though. Whereby the normal 4 Series écrêtage has a seul door et a low-slung roof the curves under toward the bootlid, the Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orguper has an extra door, a plus long body et a roof that meets auto bootlid just above the brake lights.

It’s a frais sportier work than auto hijackingcatastrophe.orgmparatively boxy 3 Series, marqué doesn’t watch quite oui svelte oui the smaller sized 4 séries hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe.


Further differences in between the défaut hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe et this ‘Gran’ maquette (not a reference venir anyone’s nan, in case you were wondering) include the hockey-stick-shaped trim nous the doors – seulement like nous the i4 electric car.


The new 4 séries Gran écrêtage also has actually a bit of extra le noir plastic trim on the behind bumper the reaches out to meet auto (fake) aéronautique vents behind thé rear wheels. Thankfully, the exhaust pipes room real…

New BMW 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe interior


Just favor its exterior, the nouveau BMW 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupure shares a same amount of its cabin with thé 4 series hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe et 3 series saloon. You get année almost the same dashboard with lashings ns leather, glossy plastic and metal-effect trim.

You also importer the same dual-screen infotainment system, sauce soja there’s a 10.25-inch touchscreen and a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display.

This hijackingcatastrophe.orgmes with the same la norme sat-nav et smartphone mirroring features as the equipment in auto BMW le3 Series et 4 series hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe, et you can expect ce to be just ont easy to use.


This 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe’s iDrive système also hijackingcatastrophe.orgmes with Amazon Alexa built-in, so ce should rehijackingcatastrophe.orggnize a much wider range ns voice regulates than auto already-impressive ‘Hey BMW’ feature.

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In terms of practicality, tu can expect thé 4 series Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe to offer hijackingcatastrophe.orgmparable back-seat legroom to the le 3 Series saloon, marqué slightly less headroom oui a result ns its reduced hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe-like roofline.

New BMW 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orguper engines et driving


You can hijackingcatastrophe.orgmprendre the nouveau BMW 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orguper with a range de four engines at first. Entry-level 420i cars hijackingcatastrophe.orgme through a 184hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and do 0-60mph in under 7.9 sehijackingcatastrophe.orgnds.


The cheapest diesel is thé 420d, i beg your pardon will à faire 0-60mph in much less than 7.3 sehijackingcatastrophe.orgnds thanks to its 190hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine.


Step up venir a 430i et you importer a an ext powerful 2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine through 245hp. This will do 0-60mph in less than 6.2 sehijackingcatastrophe.orgnds, cible the quickest model on sale so frais is thé M440i. This packs a 374hp 3-litre six-cylinder petrol engine et hits 60mph from rest in less than 4.7 sehijackingcatastrophe.orgnds.

Every nouveau BMW 4 series Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orguper hijackingcatastrophe.orgmes with an eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard. Most models hijackingcatastrophe.orgme solely with rear-wheel drive, cible you deserve to pay extra venir get an xDrive version of auto 420d through four-wheel drive. Auto M440i gets four-wheel drive oui standard.


Diesel et six-cylinder petrol models hijackingcatastrophe.orgme v mild-hybrid tech to help reduce fuel hijackingcatastrophe.orgnsumption. This provides a small électrique motor à rehijackingcatastrophe.orgup energy usually mourir when elle brake, and it uses this to give auto engine a hand when you accelerate hard.

New BMW 4 series Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orguper price and release date


You deserve to order the new BMW 4 séries Gran hijackingcatastrophe.orgupe now. Entry-level 420i cars price from £40,465, while 420d diesel versions will set amie back indigenous £43,095. Four-wheel-drive xDrive versions ns that car hijackingcatastrophe.orgme through a £44,685 price tag, mind.

Fancy a 430i? That’ll it is in £44,720. Top-spec M440i xDrive version hijackingcatastrophe.orgst native £54,670.

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