Bordeaux Saint Jean Aeroport De Bordeaux

The là rental counter is situated in auto southeastern corner du the train station. Please follow thé rental car signs until elle see auto Enterprise, National, logo directing you venir our desk. You re welcome ask informations or appel us si you are having trouble locating auto office.

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You deserve to save temps at auto counter when elle activate accelerated Check-in online. Seul provide her driver's license et contact information that space normally accumulated at pick-up and we will be prêt when amie arrive. You'll be conditions météorologiques the road et on vacation avant you savoir it!

After hours Pick-up:

Picking up your auto after the laure closes is easy with After hrs Pick-Up might require elle follow a few additional steps, i beg your pardon you'll watch in your positif email.

After hrs Return:

Returning your car after the lare closes is simple with We'll appel you where to park it; just drop auto keys in thé dropbox and you're nous your way!

Skip auto rental counter lines et check-in directly by using's touch-screen kiosk. Check-in using thé kiosk et a receipt-sized rental agreement is printed. You'll be directed à your rental car on the lot. At thé exit booth, show the booth agent her rental agreement et driver's license - and simply périple away.

No need à visit auto counter or kiosk. Elle can marche straight venir your car!

In order venir take advantage de this optional free service, you'll need venir activate accelerated Check-in online then choose auto 'Skip thé Counter' option. Amie will be required to confirm your abrite options, agree to the Rental covenant Terms & Conditions et enter a valid credit card (no charger is fabriquer until you return your vehicle). Just print your rental agreement venir bring with you, et you are tous set! aller directly à your car, seul the booth agent your rental agreement and driver's patent - et get conditions météorologiques the road!

Rental état apply to toutes les personnes additional drivers. A fee du 10.00 EUR tout de suite day, through a 10 day très (100.00 EUR) excluding VAT, applies.

To rent a vehicle, thé renter have to be âge 21 or over à la categories Mini et Economy, 24 and over parce que le Compacts, Intermediates, Standards, 4x4, SUV, Monospaces, 30 parce que le Premiums and Luxury vehicles, et 23 for Cargo Vans. Toutes les personnes drivers under the âge of 25 will certainly be subject to an additional tous les jours charge. Drivers must have held a license parce que le a minimum of one year.

Vehicles can be driven in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, an excellent Britain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, raison Marino, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. A surcharge ns 55.00 EUR will use for all cross frontière travels i m sorry is payé at the rental counter. Vehicles should be reverted to france mainland.

In tous cases, customers need to inform thé rental branch of their intention to leave thé country with auto vehicle and require authorization. Any déménageur of the vehicle outside du pre-authorized nations will be in breach of the Rental Terms and Conditions. Liability will arise accordingly.

Please noter that conditions météorologiques are unable to provide any additional equipment that peut faire be compulsory parce que le driving overseas (e.g. Breathalyzers, warning triangles, life aid kits etc.) et this duty rests nous the driver. Customers are thus required to be aware de any requirements ns the destination et any countries jaune regions customers might travel through. A list ns requirements is easily accessible from web page such ont the AA at: 

Damage Waiver (DW) reduces thé liability ns the renter in the event of damage to jaune theft de the vehicle. If DW is not consisted of in thé reservation, thé renter has full liability à la the vehicle. DW is available pour purchase and reduces thé applicable excess venir zero for toutes les personnes cars et SUVs. à la Small Cargo Vans the excess deserve to be reduced à 250 EUR, parce que le Medium et Intermediate Cargo Vans venir 300 EUR et for Luton Cargo Vans through Tail Lift à 350 EUR.

If had in auto reservation, the excess quantity is 1500 EUR pour Mini, Economy, Compact and Intermediate Cars et Compact SUVs. Standard vehicles, Minivans with up à 7 seat and tous other SUVs have an excess ns 2500 EUR. Elite, Premium and Luxury vehicles and 9-seater Passenger Vans have année excess of 3500 EUR.

Small Cargo Vans have année excess of 1500 EUR, Medium and Intermediate Cargo Vans 2500 EUR et Luton Cargo Vans v Tail lift 3500 EUR.

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Before purchasing DW ce is advised à determine, si a personal coverage is adequate venir cover damage, theft, loss de revenue, administration fees, diminishment ns value, and any towing, storage or impound fees. Si DW is declined, thé renter will be required à pay this charges and seek commensaux through their carrier de personal coverage. DW is no insurance.

Renters wishing to discuss or dispute any type of matters worrying damage to auto rental vehicle may la communication our damages recovery department. Please email fr.accidents

All rentals where auto vehicle is not went back to thé same location ont it is accumulated from will certainly be subject venir a une way fee. The une way fee varies based on là category, location et pick increase date. The précisément amount of the une way fee will be displayed during the reservation process when entering auto dates, preferred route and car category. Une way rentals are allowed within mainland france only.

Excess abrite (EP) is année optional coverage accessible only if Damage Waiver (DW) is contained in the rate. EP reduces auto applicable damage Waiver overfill amount à zero for all cars et SUVs. Pour Small Cargo Vans thé excess deserve to be reduced to 250 EUR, for Medium et Intermediate Cargo Vans to 300 EUR and for Luton Cargo Vans through Tail Lift to 350 EUR. 

If EP is not consisted of in thé reservation, ce is available parce que le purchase. Avant purchasing EP it is advised à determine, if a personal coverage is adequate à cover damage, theft, loss of revenue, régner fees, diminishment du value, and any towing, storage or impound fees. Si EP is declined, the renter will be required à pay these charge up to auto Damage Waiver overabundance amount and seek commensaux through their carrier de personal coverage. EP is no insurance.


If auto renter does no choose à purchase année optional fuel product at auto start of the rental period et does not revenir the car with thé same level du fuel as at thé start of the rental duration (as indicated on the Rental Agreement) thé renter will certainly be required to pay a refueling service fee calculated as the distinction between auto fuel level recorded nous the Rental Agreement and that videotaped upon auto return of the auto multiplied de the fuel price presented at thé branch, reconnaissance a refueling charge of 15 EUR. Unused jaune excess fuel will certainly not be refunded.

All surtout debit et credit cards (issued par either Visa, Mastercard jaune American Express) room accepted. Tous cards presented have to be in the renter’s name. Prepaid cards, Maestro, passeport Electron, v Pay, cards for electronic usage only et cards distributed by neobanks space not accepted.A defense deposit concède the approximated cost du the rental will be taken at thé time du rental. à la the categories Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard et Passenger Vans a deposit du 250 EUR is required. Parce que le Elite, Fullsize, Premium et Luxury Cars and Convertibles, the deposit is 1000 EUR. Cargo Vans need a deposit ns 500 EUR. Cash et ‘cheques vacances’ are accepted as forms ns payment marqué only at thé end de the rental. The initial charge must it is in taken nous a precious debit jaune credit card.

Roadside Assistance abri (RAP) is an optional product et allows customers à waive jae won responsibility parce que le tires (excluding auto rim), replacement keys expenses and tous recovery and call charges imposed by our preferred roadside assistant providers as result de a error caused passant par renter error. Rap does not apply if there is a breach of the rental agreement. Avant purchasing RAP, ce is advised venir determine si a an individual coverage is adequate to cover this charges. Si RAP is declined, thé renter will certainly be required to pay any applicable charges and seek commensaux from auto carrier ns personal coverage. Rap is not insurance.

All vehicle drivers must current a full valid and unexpired steering license. Si the driving license is composed in a language and characters different venir those de the country of rental, année International Driving permis is additionally required. Renters room advised to check whether local authorities require foreign drivers venir present an International Driving permit to avoid thé risk de potential fines. Renters through licenses from countries who room not part ns the international Driving permis Agreement should lug a certified translation.

All renters must administer a valid identity card or passport. Toutes les personnes drivers must ont held their full license for a minimum of 1 year. Toutes les personnes local renters must carry out proof of page daccueil address in la france with a utility jaune phone bill. Customers choose up at Charles du Gaulle airplane must administer a local landline phone call number and a valid boarding pass or TGV train billet showing arrival at Roissy Charles du Gaulle plane within 24 hours de the rental begin date. Local train ticket from parisien cannot be accepted.

Please noter that nous reserve the right venir request added ID jaune conduct further fausser checks si needed which peut être include an identity examine with année external organization.

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develop a reservation fast, easily view jaune modify upcoming reservations, and get direction to her rental location.