Boutons D'or

Meet our Pearl bouton D’or bag,’s recent beaded baguette avec shimmery offwhite sequins mounted nous a handcrafted mesh of goldplated brass tubes. Its flat rectangular form is ideal à elegantly store your essentialS. The Bouton doré is lined through a metallic textile interior equipped with a magnetic closure.

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Composition: Acrylic, Metallic Textile, gold Plated Brass.

Dimensions: broad 20cm - depth 2.5cm - elevation 13cm - take care of 46.

Our commodities will last parce que le a longue time and age nicely si handled v care. You"ll find here listed below some recommendations pour your pieces to keep an everlasting shine.


We recommend preventing perfume and water on all jewels, particularly our gold-plated ones. 


You will discover a paper inside auto tag with the washing instructions. Pleated textiles shouldn"t be ironed jaune steamed, venir keep their joli folds. 


To save the frais color de the animal leather pieces, nous recommend preventing exposing them parce que le a longue time in auto sun.


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We occupational with DHL for delivery de orders toutes les personnes around the world. Auto shipping expense will it is in calculated at checkout, oz you enter auto shipping address; ce is based nous your location et volumetric weight ns your selection. Oz you submit her order, auto total has shipping and the total cost du items purchased. We offer complimentary shipment for toutes les personnes orders above 300$.

We would certainly like to clarify the our product prices space exclusive of toutes les personnes taxes et duties used outside ns Lebanon. As auto recipient, amie are responsible for toutes les personnes import duties, customs and local sales taxes perhaps levied par the country you are shipping to.

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Payment du these is necessary to release her order indigenous customs upon arrival. Oui we space unable to advise the amount this may be, we ont excluded these charges from tous invoices issued from our website.

Once her order has been dispatched, tu will obtain a confirmation email containing details ns your order as well ont a tracking num to monitor its progress. At any temps during delivery, we will it is in your alloue of reference, prêt to respond à your concerns et offer you support throughout thé procedure. Faire not hesitate to contact us at info



We faire not offer auto possibility for return or refund du our internationale orders périmé to high custom rates at return.

Please communication info pour more information.

Online orders can only be exchanged at auto store in Beirut, within 15 days du your purchase, ns presentation du your digital invoice.



Local neighborhood Development 100% of the products are handcrafted in Lebanon, in ours ateliers et affiliated workshops. Nous also collaborate with local NGOs for our sourcing and manufacturing. Conditions météorologiques follow a closed-loop system ns production, guaranteeing full product traceability and ethical processes. Through this, we aim to promote local community breakthrough through thé valorization de craftsmanship and environmental awareness.

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Use du Sustainable & eco-friendly Materials"s sourcing policy requires ecological et ethical considerations for auto choice de raw materials. Local, natural, or recycled materials space prioritized in order to reduce pollution et carbon emissions. Nous constantly invest in new material explorations, de merging cut edge les technologies with traditional techniques ns production.

Recycling and Up-cyclingA gros part of our products are based nous the reuse et transformation du discarded materials. This sourcing characteristic intends at contributing to thé implementation of meilleur waste management systems in Lebanon, which suffers from alarming levels de pollution et solid rubbish issues.