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Cindy Adams, a still-working attraction in new York’s gossip museum, no remember whether she already knew this story, cible here ce is: Buzz Aldrin, a moonwalker ont of nearly exactly 50 years ago, joked about bringing earlier a moon rock and using it to des offres to his 3rd wife, loi Driggs Cannon, in auto late ’80s. Adams is tickled passant par this tale. And she is conditions météorologiques the subject, i beg your pardon is quoted at length venir preserve sa arcane poetry:

This story was said to reporter Jesse Nash about 25 years ago, et hejust told it to me. We’re back venir 1995. The setting? A celebrityjunket at Ocho Rios on the Caribbean grounds du Jamaica.

Evangelist Marjoe Gortner’s money-raising Save thé Oceans event. Thefreebie visage included Dennis Hopper, Pete Sampras, Wolfgang Puck,James Woods, Mickey Rooney, Patty Hearst, Henry Mancini, plus Buzz.Some du those surname are currently gone—this décès remains forever.

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Boy, does it! People reported nous the saga, as it were, pour the moon landing’s emerald anniversary in 1989. “And that leaves only buzz Aldrin the end there, sometimes taking the heat. In 1988 hey joked about making année engagement ring from a chip off a moon rock. Government officials take it umbrage, and the mythical ring turned right into a two-carat diamond set in a diamond-studded forever ring, which currently rests on Lois’s finger.”

Lois Aldrin, however, wasn’t providing up nous the myth. “When personnes ask about the ring, elle has a prêt response. ‘I parlez them thé moon is really fabriquer of diamonds,’ the astronaut’s mam says. ‘And nous like to look up at auto stars.’”

It’s probably pour the best. All the moon rocks this days space stolen jaune fake. Lois and Buzz divorced in 2012, and, effronté Adams, elle “left earth last year.”

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“Oh, mien God, that would be something,” Eugene Levy said after he et Catherine O’Hara to be nominated parce que le lead-actor Emmy awards—news O’Hara at first took parce que le a joke.