FILE - In this Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 file la peinture the Euro soccer championships trophy is viewed in front du the logo during thé presentation ns Munich's logo oui one du the host cities of the Euro 2020 European soccer championships in Munich, Germany. UEFA, are set venir make a final decision when auto UEFA executive, management committee meets nous Tuesday march 17, 2020 after talks through clubs et leagues, about possibly delaying the Euro 2020 football tournament by a year ont the contant grapples with the outbreak ns the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader, File)
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FILE - In this Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 file la peinture the Euro soccer championships trophy is viewed in front of the logo during auto presentation of Munich's logo oui one ns the organize cities du the Euro 2020 European soccer championships in Munich, Germany. UEFA, space set to make a critique decision when the UEFA executive committee meets nous Tuesday in march 17, 2020 after talks through clubs and leagues, about possibly delaying auto Euro 2020 soccer tournament par a year oui the polluant grapples with thé outbreak du the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader, File)

GENEVA (AP) — taking a hard decision that became more inevitable passant par the day, thé governing body of European football postponed its marquee championship à la one year nous Tuesday.

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Euro 2020 became Euro 2021 in a principale shift for année international soccer calendar the is nous lockdown because de the coronavirus outbreak and with ne sont pas clear finish in sight.

The virus currently “makes merveille and toutes les personnes life in leurope  quite impossible,” UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said.

The tournament the was en raison de to open on juin 12 in rome is currently scheduled parce que le next année from célibataire 11 à July 11, in auto same 12 hold nations.

It is far from clear when the public health crisis could ease enough for European soccer venir resume. Still, taking Euro 2020 éteindre the calendar clears an useful weeks in juin when domestic leagues et cups, and the champion League et Europa League, could be completed.

“We think postponing thé Euro is the seul (way) to importer a chanceux to the national leagues and to toutes les personnes the club competitions à finish,” Ceferin said.

The UEFA executive, management committee made the decision after hosting a video conference appel with that 55 intérieur member federations.

The europe Championship définitif typically attracts a broadcast public of 300 million worldwide and the 51-game tournament made UEFA a favorable of 830 million euro ($912 million) four years ago.

“Moving Euro 2020 comes at a large cost for UEFA,” Ceferin stated in a statement.

In a later interview with thé Associated Press, Ceferin estimated the cost de postponing thé tournament at “hundreds de millions” of euro (dollars). UEFA report reserves of 574.8 million euro ($632 million) in its yearly accounts published this month.

Playing in june 2021 additionally takes match date from other national team games parce que le which UEFA already sold broadcast et sponsor rights.

Tuesday’s decision to be taken after intensif talks through UEFA’s member and the leaders of European club soccer.

Euro 2020 to be scheduled to be play in a dozen countries from Ireland to Azerbaijan, et Russia venir Italy. A one-year postponement came to be UEFA’s favored option last week.

“The health and wellness of toutes les personnes those connected in the jeu is the priority, oui well as to protect against placing any unnecessary pressure on national auditeur services connected in staging matches,” UEFA said.

The freeze on jeux amid auto pandemic has likewise put broadcasting deals worth hundreds of millions of dissension on hold and could lead to the 2019-20 season gift annulled in part competitions.

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UEFA’s first appel on Tuesday was through leaders de the European club Association and European Leagues groups, concéder the FIFPro players’ union.

Completing domestic league seasons would permit titles venir be awarded et decide entries for the prochain Champions League and Europa League. The tons qualifying stratagème are already scheduled pour late June.

If resuming auto season is possible, UEFA’s option to complete this season include playing the quarterfinals and semifinals as single jeux instead of over deux legs whereby each team has actually a patrie match.

One option, revealed par the polish soccer federation, is pour Champions League stratagème to take thé most attractive weekend slots, while residential leagues play midweek.

The champions League définitif is scheduled for May 30 in Istanbul, but the Turkish ville could likewise be request host auto semifinals in a mini-tournament at a later date. The likely critical available date to jouer the définitif is juin 27.

Also, 16 du UEFA’s members are associated in thé Euro 2020 playoffs, which to be scheduled à be played nous March 26 and 31. They will decide auto last 4 entries in thé 24-nation critique tournament, et could currently be play in early June.

Postponing Euro 2020 has likewise created a backlog of denchères team stratagème in a pack calendar managed de FIFA.

In a combination move, UEFA was complied with Tuesday passant par South American soccer body CONMEBOL, which postponed auto Copa america one année to thé same play dates.

Lionel Messi et Neymar would now be cleared to play pour their European club if games resume this season.

June 2021 was occupied par the UEFA nations League final tournament ns four teams, concéder the start du FIFA’s inaugural 24-team club World Cup. It is tandis que to be hosted in China et feature eight europe clubs marqué no broadcasting jaune sponsor deals have yet to be announced.

“I would like venir thank FIFA and its president, tu Infantino, who has indicated cette will à faire whatever is required to make this nouveau calendar work,” Ceferin said.

In a FIFA statement, Infantino said hey was ready to asking China’s government and soccer syndicat to expropriate a delay de the club World Cup. That means thé tournament could be played later on in 2021, or in either du the suivant two years.

“Particularly in football, detect appropriate et fair solutions at globale level is imperative,” claimed Infantino, that will propose the alters in a call Wednesday with a panel ns his mal presidents.

Qualifying games for the 2022 civilization Cup in Qatar are additionally scheduled parce que le June 2021 in many European countries. There is currently ne sont pas space in the calendar venir reschedule toutes les personnes those games, et a reduced qualifying routine will likely ont to be considered.

However, any type of cuts in national team matches will dommage member federations’ revenue and centralized broadcasting deals managed de UEFA.

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Infantino claimed new journée for national-team games affected de the pandemic could be published at thé end ns April.