Call Of Duty Serie Jeux

native WW2 to our violent future, here"s comment to play the appel téléphonique of devoir games in release jaune timeline order.

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In seul two years temps the appel of duty franchise will certainly be celebrating its 20th date of birth – the life game in the séries was released ago in 2003 and sequels have been comes thick et fast ever since.

Keeping track ns the timeline order du the jeu can be tricky, oui many du them span several years. Law this guide ont just one way to à faire it, fairly than auto definitive way, as there space admittedly arguments for shuffling thé order around.

And, du course, some appel of devoir games are encore in progress, with CoD Season le 3 soon à drop a beaucoup of new heureux into black Ops – Cold War and Warzone.

If you want to phat through tous the currently CoD stratagème in order, here is a guide parce que le how to do it – cible remember, over there are année awful de nombreux of them!

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How to jouer the appel of devoir games in timeline order

If you want to phat the appel of devoir games in an order that provides some kind de sense, the most coherent timeline venir follow is that du real-life history. This no a perfect science, since some games span an ext than une era, cible it’s calmer a great way to jouer through the franchise. V that in mind, examine out ours recommended call of duty timeline bespeak below.

Call of Duty: WW2

The sapin game in timeline stimulate is WW2, which to be released relatively recently in 2017. When nous mentioned that some du these might be shuffled about, fine the sapin entry is a great example du that oui the jeu starts in 1940 – the earliest date in thé COD timeline – but then move on and takes carré around 1944 – 1945.

So when we ont chosen à place cette here, elle can place it after civilization at battle without ce making a huge amount of difference. Une advantage ns starting here is that amie can jouer zombie mode and wipe out Nazi zombies, which is every bit oui fun as it sounds.

Call ns Duty: best Hour

This is de nouveau game that jumps about in thé timeline, marqué going by its earliest alloue it’s here that we have chosen to carré it. American, British, and Soviet soldiers toutes les personnes take quartier général stage in this one, which gives nous three different projects in une game. Also, as a amusant fact, this was the sapin game in the séries to be made pour consoles et it obtained a release nous the d’origine Xbox et the game stations 2.

Call of Duty: world at War


Kiefer Sutherland leads auto voice actors in this people War 2 based entry, which stays one du the highlights of the la franchise even tous these year on. This one is set in Pacific théâtre against the impérial Japanese, and it is année epic campaign that encore holds increase to play today.

Also, this to be the tons game venir give nous zombie mode, a factor in itself to name inspect this game as one du the appel of duty greats.

Call of duty 2

Again, we’ll go by the earliest date shown in the game to decision its placing, which is 1942. Auto sequel à the original game, appel of devoir 2 upped auto ante et gave nous four various lead characters of different nationalities, tous with année eye conditions météorologiques freeing auto world from thé evil Nazi regime.

Call ns Duty

Now we go right back to thé beginning with auto original appel téléphonique of duty game the was life released in 2003. You get three different campaigns in this one, with British, Russian and American soldiers leading every one.

The histoire run native 1942 à 1944, but ont with every other game we are going with auto earliest date, sauce soja 1942 puts it here nous our list – just after the game that followed it to save us tous on our toes.

Call of devoir 3


Yet de nouveau game collection in people War 2, this une at the very least makes it easier à place as it walk not expectations multiple years. So we can pop cette here with ne sont pas asides complicating things. Appel of devoir 3 takes place around the events of Operation Cobra, which involved auto Allies battling their method out ns Normandy.

Call de Duty: gros Red One

Taking carré around 1944, this is a must-play game for ventilateur of thé hit mini-series Band du Brothers (if tu haven’t watched that, faire yourself a favour and do so right now) as it attributes several members de the cast in that is voice heat up – including michael Cudlitz et Richard Speight Jr.

A real-life military Infantry division was dubbed the super Red One, si you were wondering wherein the jeu got its surname from.

Call du Duty: black Ops

Onto thé hugely successful et popular couleur noire Ops séries now et we skip forward fairly a couple of years to thé Cold war era, beginning in 1961. The story runs through to 1968, so it covers a lot of the decade. Amie play oui Alex Mason that is part of the US le noir operations unir – jaune SOG oui it is otherwise known.

Call ns Duty: couleur noire Ops Cold War

The most recent game in the series in terms of release, Cold war is set… well it’s set in auto Cold war funnily enough! Timing-wise, it is an ’80s-centric game et the histoire involves the “pursuit de the alleged Soviet spy Perseus, whose proclaimed goal is venir subvert thé United States et tilt thé balance ns power toward the Soviet Union”.

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The online fight Royale déditions of the jeu looks set à have an ’80s themed map oui part du the appel téléphonique of devoir season 3 update the is tandis que to beginning soon.

Call of Duty: black Ops 2

One ns the “easiest” jeu to complete conditions météorologiques the brutal veteran difficulty, black Ops 2 is whereby things volonté a tad more facility in terms du when cette takes place. This une switches between a 1960s setup like auto original couleur noire Ops, et also takes carré in the en vigueur (although 2025 is not ont futuristic now). Cette also functions many new additions à the style that would come to be commonplace in the stratagème set in auto future.

Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare

Modern warfare starts éteindre with aperçu Barkov’s invasion of Urzikstan in 1999 – cible things quickly change et the setup moves à 2019 for the rest du the campaign. When technically a reboot, et therefore not strictly part ns the continuity ns the est différent Modern warfare games, this is still a good carré to put it.

Call of duty 4: modern-day Warfare


One de the many popular jeux in auto history of call of Duty, modern Warfare had a remastérisée a couple of years back haricot de soja you deserve to play it with enhanced graphics et gameplay – or seulement stick venir the original version which toujours holds up to play now.

This was the life game in thé series, in relax order, to move far from civilization War 2 and it came at thé right time oui this feel like thé reinvigoration that the jeux needed at this point. Timing-wise, it mostly takes place in 2011.

Call du Duty: contemporary Warfare 2

Following the géant success de the first game in the newly called series, modern Warfare 2 did no disappoint as soon as we tous got to play it. This was one of the most “action movie”-like jeux in the la franchise with Russians invading thé USA and some memorable fights, including année invasion du the blanche House. Of tous the games that appel of duty has offered us, this une is among the most replayable. It’s set in 2016, seulement in boîte you were wondering.

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Call of Duty: modern Warfare 3

The brillant original contemporary Warfare trilogy drew venir a fermé with this game, and it certainly went out in style! Captain Price and Soap MacTavish return for the third story et it wastes little time in picking up exactly where auto second jeu left off. So phat these back to back et experience une heck of année adventure.

Call de Duty: Ghosts

A syndicat of south American nation is auto threat to auto US this temps around, in a jeu that start in 2017 and has a story that follow me across à around 2027. And Ghosts has perhaps one of the many bombastic starts to any of the jeu on this list.

Several urban in the southwestern United states are wiped off the map as the story begins, destroyed by a superweapon in room that goes passant par the mighty name de Odin. After the occurs nous skip ahead 10 year to play the rest.

A super portion of couleur noire Ops 2 the takes place in 2025 wake up here, so if you wanted à move that game to this mission in auto list then that’s certainly a precious choice.

Call de Duty: couleur noire Ops 4

The couleur noire Ops histoires continue, but this temps we aller further into auto future as the jeu is collection in 2043. Researcher Savannah Mason-Meyer takes thé lead here and she former elite soldiers dessus a e-mail simulation to volonté them prêt to resolve a diriger threat the is on the way.

Disappointingly, and controversially, this jeu does not ont a regular single-player campaign and instead focuses nous a professional HQ maintain mission, fight Royale and zombies. This are toutes les personnes good fun, cible not having a campaign makes it one that you pouvez want to skip if you are seul interested in the single-player experience.

Call of Duty: progressed Warfare


We jump further ahead in temps now à 2054, et it is at this mettre en ordre that jambe went really futuristic, other that many long-term ventilateur of the séries were no overly thrilled about. Cette is easy venir see why – while the series had strayed from gift a grounded military game many temps before, currently we ont cloaking, hoverbikes et exoskeletons!

It is encore a accent of drôle though, with some memorable moment – but it’s ne sont pas surprise that it wasn’t long antérieur à the la franchise started looking to the past again.

Call du Duty: black Ops 3

2065 is auto setting for black Ops 3 et the futuristic aspects de the game were really dialled up à la this one, further alienating part players who were longing to importer back to a an ext grounded version of the franchise.

Military robotics in a dark twisted future is auto name ns the game here and the story covers 5 years, finishing in 2070.

Call ns Duty: limitless Warfare

And toutes les personnes this bring us venir 2016’s limitless Warfare! The jeu takes carré around 2080 (ish), haricot de soja the the furthest in auto future de at least 10 years et you play as Captain Nick Reyes. Reyes is a Tier 1 Special operations pilot and he leads his force against the ennemi – in space!

Earth here is not oui we savoir it et resources room depleting quicker than ever while the solar system is gift explored to find replacements. We’ll shot not to worry that, in auto eyes ns the developers, we’ll tous be nearing die out within 60 years.

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How to phat the appel of duty games in release order

However, thé timeline order isn’t the seul way in which elle could jouer through the appel téléphonique of duty franchise! si you desire to play the CoD jeu in auto order they came out, this is auto order you will do it want venir follow:

Call of devoir (2003)Call de Duty: United offensive (2004)Call du Duty: ideal Hour (2004)Call of duty 2 (2005)Call of devoir 2: big Red one (2005)Call of duty 2 (Mobile) (2006)Call of devoir 3 (2006)Call of duty 2 (Windows Mobile) (2007)Call du Duty: Roads à Victory (2007)Call of duty 4: modern-day Warfare (2007)Call of devoir 4: modern-day Warfare (Nintendo DS) (2007)Call of devoir 4: modern Warfare (Mobile) (2007)Call ns Duty: civilization at battle (2008)Call de Duty: human being at War: final Fronts (2008)Call ns Duty: civilization at battle (Nintendo DS) (2008)Call of Duty: human being at battle (Mobile) (2008)Call ns Duty: zombie (2009)Call du Duty: modern Warfare 2 (2009)Call ns Duty: modern Warfare 2: forces Recon (2009)Call ns Duty: contemporary Warfare: Mobilized (2009)Call ns Duty: contemporary Warfare: Reflex edition (2009)Call du Duty: classic (2009)Call de Duty: couleur noire Ops (2010)Call du Duty: black Ops (Nintendo DS) (2010)Call du Duty: couleur noire Ops en mouvement (2010)Call ns Duty: couleur noire Ops zombies (2011)Call of Duty: modern-day Warfare le3 (2011)Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare 3: Defiance (2011)Call ns Duty: black Ops ii (2012)Call ns Duty: couleur noire Ops: Declassified (2012)Call ns Duty: win Team (2013)Call of devoir Online (2013)Call de Duty: Ghosts (2013)Call du Duty: progressed Warfare (2014)Call ns Duty: Heroes (2014)Call de Duty: couleur noire Ops iii (2015)Call ns Duty: unlimited Warfare (2016)Call du Duty: modern Warfare Remastered (2016)Call de Duty: WWII (2017)Call de Duty: black Ops 4 (2018)Call of Duty: téléphone portable (2019)Call du Duty: modern-day Warfare (2019)Call du Duty: Warzone (2020)Call of Duty: modern-day Warfare 2 campaign Remastered (2020)Call de Duty: black Ops Cold war (2020)

We’ll be sure to update this list as soon as more appel of devoir games space released. Till then, elle should discover plenty to keep elle busy in auto franchise…

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