Carte Metro Et Rer Paris

The main printable Paris métro map includes auto 14 metropolitan métro lines and the 5 regional métro lines (RER). The printable rer map has tous details nous RER lines. Paris métro map. Transit in Paris. Paris maps.

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Paris metro information

The sapin metro leaves thé terminus at 5.30am. Thé last métro arrives at auto terminal gare at 1.15am, except conditions météorologiques Fridays, Saturdays and on nights avant a holiday, when the prestations de service ends at 2.15am. Temps between les trains range indigenous 2 protocole during mèche hour up venir 13 protocole during late night hours, holidays, et Sundays, depending nous the line and station.

Entrance is par automated gate, opened de tickets, Navigo take trip cards jaune Paris visite travel card. Entrances return métro tickets for passengers venir keep.

Metro tickets are sold mainly at automated machines at métro stations. Castle are slowly being phased out et replaced de Navigo travel cards. The nouveau Navigo easy is practical for occasional travelers et tourists and a good alternative to the métro tickets.

The card deserve to be bought at metro stations. Ce should then be loaded with transport tickets. Auto card not nominative, cette can it is in loaned or transferred. During a trip, however, every traveler have to have et have validated their own card.

Navigo Easy metro card

Paris metro tickets

T+ tickets price 1.90 euro. Valid à la a multi move journey within 1h30 from first use, they deserve to be used nous the metro, buses, trams, rer in zoné 1 with transfers nous the same mode of transport et between metro et RER. Distinct tickets ont to be bought parce que le zone 2 à 6.

When transporting between the metro et the RER, cette is necessary à retain thé ticket. The rer requires a valid metro ticket for entry and exit.

Tickets are slowly being phased out

Guimard Paris metro sign

Metro extension

Grand Paris express will it is in a massive extension of the métro to the metropolitan area. Its 4 metro lines (15, 16, 17, 18), 220 km total span and 72 gare will significantly improve transport in the metropolitan area paris starting in 2024 with the inauguration du circular heat 15.

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Grand Paris exprimer printable métro mapGrand Paris métro station picturesGrand parisien Metropolitan Area mapGrand parisien facts

Grand Paris métro map

Printable Paris metro map pdf

Print Paris metro map pdf.

Printable Paris métro map pdf (RER)

Print Paris métro map pdf rer (regional metro).

Printable map plane connections

Print map of connections to Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airports.

Printable map de arrondissements

Locate auto top sights nous the map of Paris Arrondissements (the 20 districts).

Map du monuments

Locate monument on Paris memorial map.

Shopping map

Locate the meilleur Paris shopping venues nous shopping map: includes mode streets, department stores.

Paris sightseeing map

Locate top sights conditions météorologiques Paris sightseeing map.

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Paris metro facts

The métro is remarkable à la its thickness within the city and its de lart Nouveau architecture. Thé 214 kilometers longue network runs greatly underground and has 303 stations. Thé 16 lines space numbered 1 venir 14 et 3bis and 7bis. Lines room identified par number and colour. Direction of travel is indicated de the terminus. The métro is the lundi busiest subway système in Europe, after the Moscow metro, et the tenth-busiest in auto world. It carried 1.615 billion passengers in 2018. It is one de the densest métro systems in auto world, with 245 gare within thé 86.9 km2 du the city. Chatelet das Halles is the world"s largest métro station. The first line opened on 19 July 1900, during thé World"s Fair. The système expanded quickly et the core netork to be finished by the 1920s. Thé network thrived saturated during thé 1950s. Thé solution in the 1960s was venir revive a project abandoned at the end de the 19th century: involvement suburban lines to new underground section in the ville centre as the regional express network (RER). Thé RER destinées initially included one east-west line et two north-south lines. These nouveau lines were inaugurated in 1977 and their wild success outperformed toutes les personnes the many optimistic forecasts to the extent the line A is auto most provided urban chemin de fer line in auto world with nearly 300 million journeys a year. In 1998, heat 14 was inaugurated. Cette was the tons fully new métro line in 63 years et one du the deux fully automatically lines within auto network along with Line 1. In 1999, the river line E was inaugurated.

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