Changer Mode De Paiement Apple Store

To échanger your billing information, consisting of your credit card number, monitor the instruire for her account type. 

If elle want à cancel, learn comment to cancel your subscription. Plus, Family, jaune Professional

Sign in venir and then click My billing side below to be taken directly à your billing settings. Then, click Update next to Payment method.

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Or, elle can échanger your billing information par following these steps:

Click your avatar (profile picture or initials) in the upper right corner. Click Settings.Click Billing.Next à Payment Method, click Update.If her payment technique is Mobile, you’ll have to visit auto Apple applications Store or Google jouer Store à manage your payment method.Add a nouveau credit card number or connect a PayPal account. If your currency isn’t changing, elle can échanger your zip codé or country de adding a payment an approach that matches your nouveau location. 

Note: seul the Family directeur on a Family plan can do changes venir billing information.

Learn how to change your currency.

Learn comment to change your company name on an invoice. entreprise admins

Certain types du admins can change the billing information à la a entreprises account. To à faire so, sign in venir et click My team billing page to be taken directly venir your billing settings. Then, click Update next à Payment method. 

Or, amie can échanger your billing information by following this steps:

Click Admin console
on the left side.Click thé Billing tab.Next venir Payment method, click Update.

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Add a new credit card jaune link a PayPal account.

Did tu purchase a subscription nous your phone?

If tu bought a sinscrire from an Android device, you will do it need à update her billing information through Google Play.

If you bought a application from année Apple device, you will do it need venir update your billing information through iTunes.

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Why can’t je find my billing information?

If you calmer can"t uncover your billing information, tu may have accidentally signed in venir a free account that amie didn"t realize tu had. To find thé account associated with a calculé on your credit transaction card, usage our credit card charger look increase tool.

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