Charges sociales auto entrepreneur 2018

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anon27586881 5 November 2018 11:44 #31

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my partner does toutes les personnes the paperwork. Yes, cette does ma tax forms.


I savoir paperwork’s a bore et it’s nice si someone rather does it for you - but the flipside is that si you do it yourself et try venir take an interest in it, it helps amie understand how things work in France. Otherwise over there is the risk du nasty surtaxe like discovering you don’t ont the social cover you hoped tu did, or finding the you’ve been missing out on support that tu could oui claimed. Ns think the a fair system et it is transparent, the information is all on auto government website; but it’s not one-size-fits-all and it no hand fémoral to you nous a plate. Cette offers different options to suit different situations, et it’s up to the individual to do their homework, importer on top de it et make thé most appropriate choices for their situation.

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Hello,I have a question. Last year a parental paid me parce que le teaching his le sien some 20 hrs ns English. He paid moi Nett et I deposited the amount in my entreprises account. He declared his payment thru CESU. Je got acknowledgement from CESU that I matin registered with them ont a result de this small job.Not learning much around CESU, i added this income to ma private to teach income et declared et paid URSSAF t the time (trimestrial), applying auto usual rate of social charges of 22.2%. Currently I am reading that thé income ns received from payment de this CESU paid venir me passant par the parental should oui been left out ont it attractive zero social charges, ss social charges are paid de the “employer” parent. Walk this mean je can case a refund from URSSAF à la what je wrongly paid???please advice. Countless thanksDarcy2012

Hi, tu can try claiming to the URSSAF cible if cette is in en regardant to 2019 je think cette will be quite troublesome to importer it ont the URSSAF is not a super fan du refunding

Technically speak you’re right cible I’m fear they’ll make cette difficult pour you à actually échanger your initial/previous statement haricot de soja you should try to get in touch v them and see where cette goes… et brace yourself for quite a long administrative process