The europe Charter parce que le Regional jaune Minority languages is thé European conventions for the protection and promotion ns languages used by traditional minorities. Ensemble with auto Framework convention for the abri of intérieur Minorities ce constitutes the Council du Europe"s commitment à the protection of national minorities.

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Regional or minority languages room part de Europe’s recadrer heritage and their protection and promotion contribute to auto building du a leurope  based nous democracy et cultural diversity.

The Charter, attracted up on the basis ns a text placed forward par the Standing conference of Local and Regional Authorities du Europe, was adopted as a convention on 25 june 1992 passant par the Committee de Ministers of the Council du Europe, and was opened up for signe in Strasbourg conditions météorologiques 5 November 1992. Cette entered into force on 1 march 1998.

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19 Nov 2021 17:06:00

COMEX 71st all meeting et election of the nouveau bureau

The Committee of spécialiser of thé European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages held its 71st...


19 Oct 2021 16:10:00

Norway protects deux additional languages under Part taux of the Charter: Lule Sami et South Sami

conditions météorologiques 14 October 2021, Norway notified thé Council of europe that ce will use Part iii of the...

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05 Oct 2021 10:06:00

COMEX held its 70th plenary meeting

The Committee of spécialiser of auto European Charter for Regional jaune Minority Languages hosted its 70th...

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