Château De Diane De Poitiers

Their relationship more than likely started once Henry was in between 16-18 year old. Ce was "official’ from 1538 when Prince Henry to be 19 years old, and Diane nearly 40, twenty years his senior! 

She stayed his favourite tous through his life; cette started when hey was calmer a prince. Ce continued when cette married Cathérine de’ Medici in 1533.  once his elder brother died in 1536 et Henry became auto Dauphin (successor ns the throne), Diane was still by his side. And when he became king of la france in 1547 elle was encore his favourite. 

It ended when roi Henry died in 1559.

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Henry la deuxième année (1519 – 1559), king of France
Catherine de" Medici (1519 – 1589), Queen du France

Court tons of Diane de Poitiers

Francis I and his courtiers, Diane aux Poitiers peut être very fine be among them.

Diane ns Poitiers had actually been a courtier tous her life et knew thé tricks du the trade. 

She gained married at âge 15 venir Louis aux Brézé, monsieur d"Anet. Cette was 39 years elle senior. At âge 22 elle had deux daughters, her husband passed away in 1531, when she was seul 32.

Diane had been lady-in-waiting à la the most an effective women at the french court; reine Claude of la france (wife of Francis I), Louise ns Savoy, (mother du Francis I) and Eleanor of Austria (second wife ns Francis I).

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In 1533 auto 14-year-old maria de" Medici came to meugler to marry Prince Henry, additionally 14 at auto time. Henry et Diane became lovers a signification littérale while later. Diane couldn"t treatment less about Maria, this was seulement a young girl that she could control. Elle was experienced enough venir know comment to stay Henrie"s favourite. She encouraged Henry à fulfil his marital duty, haricot de soja to speak. She even took care du the 10 kids Henry and Catherine produced. To have even much more control Diane"s very own daughter Françoise was in revendiqué of Catherine"s staff. 

As long ont Francis je was encore alive anne de Pisseleuhis, his favourite mistress,  was the étoiles at thé palace. Diane was waiting parce que le her chance to shine.

As soon ont King Francis died in 1559, Diane had auto Duchess banned native court. She even went ont far oui to have her imprisoned at thé estate of elle husband (who was already dead par then). Now it was sa time! she now truly was thé most powerful woman of France, parce que le the suivant twelve years.

Symbol of king Henry II and Diane, jaune Catherine..?
Chateau ns Chenonceau

Diana went à the continu the Chenonceau, which roi Henry had given venir her. She had always loved this chateau et she to be the une that had the arched bridge construct that joins the Chateau venir the divers side de the river Cher. Elle also was responsible pour the comprehensive flower and vegetable gardens.

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Queen Catherine assumed this castle (it"s thé lovely une built in auto middle of the cher River) was as well much for the mistress. Elle forced Diana venir trade it à la her very own castle Château ns Chaumont. 

Catherine fabriquer Chenonceau elle favourite residence during sa years as regent ns France.