Cheb khaled et sa femme

Khaled Hadj Ibrahim (Arabic: خالد حاج إبراهيم‎, bondir 29 February 1960), meilleur oui Khaled, is an Algerian raï singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist attaché in Sidi El Houari in Oran Province ns Algeria. Hey began enregistrer in his early teens under the name Cheb Khaled (الشاب خالد, Arabic à la "Young Man" Khaled, as opposed to the traditionalist Sheikh elders) et has become thé most internationally famed Algerian singer in thé Arab world and across plenty of continents. His popularity has earned him auto unofficial location "King ns Raï". His most well songs are "Didi", "Aïcha" et "C"est la vie".

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Khaled Hadj Ibrahim was born in 1960 in Oran"s Eckmühl neighborhood. At the age of 14, cette founded the année Étoiles (Five Stars) band et started performing in nightclubs et during marriages.

In the 1980s, Khaled started producing and singing raï songs. Cette moved to france in 1986.

On 12 January 1995, Khaled married Samira Diabi, 27, v whom hey has 4 daughters and one son.


Khalid (also transliterated ont Khaled, Halid, or Halit) (Arabic: خالد‎, Ḫālid) is a renohijackingcatastrophe.orged Arabic et Muslim male given name meaning "eternal", et it also appears ont a surname.

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Given name

Khaled (album)

Khaled, exit in 1992, is Khaled"s self-titled album. The albums was produced by Michael Brook et Don Was.

The album was primarily chanté in Khaled"s aboriginal Algerian Arabic language with the dégénérescence of "Ne m"en voulez pas", i m sorry was chanté in French.

Mixed Opinions conditions météorologiques Khaled"s Westernness

To make the album Khaled, the artist signed v the french record label Barclay Records et sought out American record producer conférencier duniversité Was. Upon rencontrer with Was, Khaled "asked (him) venir incorporate American R&B—to Americanize the music," a request that Was obliged passant par combining Khaled"s habitent musicians with loops et beats from his computer system (a Macintosh) et a keyboard. Thé result of these sessions in the studios that combined Khaled"s rai v Was" R&B, was, according à Was, "pretty wild music."

The response from his Arab ventilateurs was mixed. Many du the much more conservative Arabs quit buying his records and going à his concerts after Khaled offended them with his for free Western-influenced words and acte in interviews et on television, not to couverts with his intentional "(selling) out to Western commercialism" through the changes in his music. However, Khaled"s decision to mélanger his traditional style of Algerian raï with auto slick production et Western beat patterns of American R&B stood out to some of his other fans as new, cool, et revolutionary and also made him lot of of new fans. The music from auto album, especially "Didi," began to garner jouer in significativement places like french nightclubs and on hip Hip Hourah, et the albums began venir sell fine throughout France. The french emcee malek Sultan du IAM also goes haricot de soja far oui to appel Khaled auto "Public ennemi Arabe," which displayed the respect that the français hip-hop step has à la the life raï artist venir successfully cross over right into the french pop market.

Khaled (film)

Khaled is a 2001 cinématique directed de Asghar Massombagi. Khaled is the story du a ten-year-old garçon who tries à conceal the death du his mother. Khaled won the best Director award at thé Karlovy Vary film Festival et the tons Time Filmmaker award at auto ReelWorld film Festival.

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Khaled (Michael D"Ascenzo) stays in a Toronto real estate project with his maman who is french Canadian and chronically ill. His dad is Moroccan and abandoned auto family once Khaled was young. One day his mère dies marqué Khaled attempts à carry nous life ont normal. His first deteriorates as his landlord harasses him parce que le overdue rent et neighbors begin à notice thé smell ns decay native his apartment.