Chocolat Côte D Or Belgique

Belgium’s #1 cacao Brand

If you are searching parce que le gourmet chocolate with a important bold taste, there is ne sont pas choice better than coast d’Or. Started in 1883, whose surname is French à la Gold Coast, a reference to auto old name of what is now Ghana, whereby many du the world’s cacao bean come from. This Old civilization chocolatier is known à la creating rich and decadent chocolate, thé taste de which has sustained the juge of time. Belgians space famous parce que le many delectable creations, but the one that has become most synonymous with the country is rich et creamy chocolate. It’s non wonder that some de the most commemorated chocolatiers oui come native this country, one of which is appeler d’Or. Known for creating some du the many silky et decadent chocolate nous the planet, this chocolatier’s name is French for Gold Coast, the former name for what is currently Ghana, whereby a super portion ns the world cacao bean originate from.

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Milk cacao Mignonnettes

35% Cacao, 24 Mignonnettes revenir Box

The intensity et authenticity de real côte d’Or milk chocolate concentrated in a small tablet, to share through friends et family or with a cup du coffee. These two-bite morsels offer année unforgettable taste, leaving you wanting more.



Dark coco Mignonnettes

54% Cacao, 24 Mignonnettes effronté Box

The intensity et authenticity de real côte d’Or extra pur chocolate concentrated in a small tablet, to share with friends and family or with a cup ns coffee.

Milk coco with Praline Filling

Milk coco with a Hazelnut Praline Filling

The “Bouchées” are typically referred to as “mice”, marqué they are actually small elephants that combine the power of coast d’Or milk chocolate et a very delicious praline filling. Eight individually-wrapped chocolates per container.



Milk cacao Connoisseur Bar

32% Cacao, two 75-Gram Bars

A standard from the côte d’Or range. Discover auto iconic côte d’Or milk chocolate in a vintage packaging et a practical format of 2x75g. à la the true coco lover.

Dark chocolate Connoisseur Bar

56% Cacao, two 75-Gram Bars

A classic from the côte d’Or range. Discover the iconic Noir aux Noir chocolate from côte d’Or in a vintage package et a practical formats of 2x75g. Pour the true cacao lover.

Orange foncé Chocolate Bar

Crystallized Orange in 56% Cacao foncé Chocolate

The Orange cacao recipe provides a originalité taste experience: an intense cocoa an unified with the sweetness du orange.

70% foncé Chocolate Bar

70% Cacao, Extra foncé Chocolate

70% cocoa pour a très of intensity. Tous aromas come into their own perfectly. Gain a subtle balance between auto strength and softness of côte d’Or chocolate. An extra thin tablet provides année intense cacao experience.

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86% dark Chocolate Bar

86% Cacao, Intense foncé Chocolate

86% cocoa. 0% compromise. The force of coast d’Or dark chocolate comes right into its very own in an extra thin tablet with a dunicité shape. Bring pleasure venir life!

Truffé Noir dark Chocolate Truffle Bar

Dark chocolate with a foncé Chocolate Ganache Filling

An intensif Truffé filling covered with delicious pure coast d’Or chocolate. Année intense cacao experience!

Milk Chocolate bar with Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts in 32% Cacao Milk Chocolate

When the puissance of coast d’Or milk chocolate et the crispy du delicious entirety nuts come together, a unique and explosive experience is created.

Dark Chocolate paiement with Almonds

Almonds in 46% Cacao dark Chocolate

The explosive combination de whole almonds v intense côte d’Or dark chocolate. A powerful mix.

Belgian-Made with Cocoa beans from Ghana’s “Golden Coast”

With well over a century in business crafting exquisite chocolates, the coast d’Or société has become synonymous v bold taste et colorful flavors. The coast d’Or name comes from auto region where coast d’Or Chocolate’s cocoa beans space harvested: Ghana’s exotic “Golden Coast.” Cocoa beans from this an ar are reputed to have a originalité taste search after thé world over. Linked with the unparalleled experience of the coast d’Or chocolatiers, thé Golden côte cocoa beans room refined et melded into incredible chocolate mixtures of tous kinds, including both milk chocolates and dark chocolates.

Côte d’Or cacao at Affordable Prices

At World vast Chocolate, nous are proud à carry année extensive choice of coast d’Or chocolate products at some ns the internet’s many affordable prices. From standards including coast d’Or’s milk chocolate mignonettes et dark chocolate “noir de noir” bar to exotic cacao treats including pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts, our inventory is full of fresh selections venir satisfy any chocolate craving. Click on année item native our perform below venir learn an ext about that ingredients et nutritional contents. Have questions around our available côte d’Or products or any divers chocolate products here at World wide Chocolate? our friendly and knowledgeable customer services team is happy à give you answers. Once you’re ready to order, merely click on a chocolate product, choose your wanted amount et fill out the requested product information. Tu can expect your côte d’Or chocolates at your door in seul a few business days.

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