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La Roche-sur-Foron, Haute-Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
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La Roche-sur-Foron (formerly known ont The Rock) is a French partagé located in auto department du Haute-Savoie, in region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Cette is part de the cross-border agglomeration of Greater Geneva. Urban center of auto community of ville of the Rochois country, the partagé had 11,339 citizens in 2017, i m sorry makes cette the fourteenth ville of Haute-Savoie à la the num of inhabitants.

Second historical city of Haute-Savoie, that is historical heritage has made cette a city classified among thé Most Beautiful Detours du France, part buildings de which room classified oui Historical Monuments, in addition to being divide among thé Most Beautiful Detours in France. Les Roche-sur-Foron is located in the center of Haute-Savoie. At auto back du the Evires pass et very fermer la porte to the industrious et dynamic Arve valley, its position is strategic and constitutes one du its henchmen economic et tourist assets; année asset which mostly explains thé development de the city over auto centuries et still today. The city certainly owes ce its trading et trading tradition oui well oui its dynamic fairs.

First electrified city in Europe, les Roche-Sur-Foron continu a dynamic et balanced economic development, while preserving its outstanding environment. Cette offers, summer et winter, an undeniable quality de life. Since 1885, la Roche-sur-Foron has had actually the tons Annecy-La Roche, Annemasse-La Roche and Saint Gervais-La Roche railway lines, making its gare a real local hub. This is toujours true today. Thanks à its quartier général geographical location, la Roche has been et still remains a ville of commercial and international exchanges, with plenty of annual, economic et cultural events. Nous can evoke the internationale Fair of Haute-Savoie Mont-Blanc et the SIMODEC (International Salon du Machine-Tool du Bar turning), i m sorry take carré in a modern-day Exhibition Center.

With more than 150 shops in the ville center, plenty of events throughout the year, 160 cultural and sports associations, schools for toutes les personnes levels, social and administratif services, and a preserved past, ns Roche-sur-Foron will certainly know how seduce. La Roche-sur-Foron participates each year in the denchères Competition du Cities et Villages du Flowers and has managed, à la 10 years, venir obtain et defend the le 3 Flowers. Thé 4th Flower is in auto sights à la the suivant two years. Indeed, the Municipality meets auto criteria venir present this 4th flower since its actions in favor ns the atmosphere are sustainable: differentiated management of green spaces, reasoned use de pesticides and organic fertilizers, so late mowing, cacher of wetlands, recovery rainwater, cacher of biodiversity (communal apiary), diversification of plantations, etc.

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HistoryLa Roche-Sur-Foron is a city in Haute-Savoie through a remarkable historic heritage and overflowing with events. One de the great historical facts of the ville dates from auto year 1885 when les Roche-sur-Foron became the first ville in leurope  to have electric auditeur lighting. Twenty auditeur candelabras and six hundred Edison bulbs irradiate up the houses ns the small merchant city which is currently bigger than its shadow.

For the anecdote, conditions météorologiques December 16, 1885, ns Roche-sur-Foron surprised auto whole of France et thanks to auto enthusiastic pen du Pierre Giffard, special en vigueur of Le figaro who wrote: “It is no Paris, nor London, no one Berlin, jaune Moscow, or anything choose that. Ce is a very small Savoyard ville (…) ten leagues indigenous Mont-Blanc; it is not also a canton capitale answering to the name of ns Roche. Do you know La Roche? ns Roche-Sur-Foron in Haute-Savoie? No. Well, this city, which ns would favor to call the ville of Light, has just decreed, the sapin in Europe, venir have electric lighting in that is streets, squares, monuments et houses. ”

Prehistoric and Roman timesThe terre of la Roche seems à host, according to thé deduction du contemporary historians, really early, most likely from the prehistoric period, a strengthened habitat. Ce is taken de the Burgundians at the x th century, because of its strategic assets: the mountainside plateau, leaning against the neck de Evires and easy to defend, opens a broad view over auto Arve valley and Lake Geneva basin. Their visibility is attested in thé area since thé v th - vii th centuries. However, the first couverture of the prendre of auto site daté back at thé beginning de the xii th century.

The Counts of GenevaLike nine divers castrated “Geneva”, thé castle of ns Roche, is mentioned in thé early xii th century, during thé year 1120 Later, in 1033, count Gérold ns Geneva, driven from his capital passant par Emperor Conrad la deuxième année le Salique (following the war de succession to the throne ns Burgundy) cleared up in this strengthened town and made ce his capital.. Gérold, founder du the Counts du Geneva, modernized the fortifications. Later, at thé end du the xii th century, a sapin enclosure defended passant par three castles is high. Ns Roche remained the capitale of the county ns Geneva until 1219, when auto count offered up Geneva et settled in Annecy. But after the fire in Annecy (1320), Amédée iii of Genevafixed his residence at la Roche (1320-1322), while thé city et its castle were rebuilt. The Rock having overflowed indigenous its tons enclosure, Amédée iii ordered the construction of a second. On this occasion, la Roche obtained its city status et franchises and freedoms in 1335.

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The loger of SavoyThe Geneva family passed away out in 1394, marqué it was not until 1401 that thé Genevois was marketed to auto count du Savoy Amédée VIII (first duke de Savoy in 1416). In memory ns that time she was one ns the henchmen homes du princes du Geneva, et distrust the nouveau Marquis of Graneri (Marquis aux La Roche) Roche door, since thé xvii th century, like the province ns Geneva, auto coat ns arms de this reputation lineage. Thé August 4, 1507, thé common ovens accidentally capture fire: the ville is totally ravaged de flames. Thé inhabitants take much more than sixty years à rebuild your city, having perdu most of their home in this effrayant fire. One ns these houses, seul rebuilt in 1571, screens a vintage rock above its entrance porch, thé Latin inscription de which recalls this disaster.