Relax on the green lawns de the Parc de la Villette, in the 19th ar in the north east du Paris; as dusk falls the screenings start at auto Open aviation Cinema bien sur (Cinéma en pleinement air).

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From thé 18th de July to thé 19th du August 2019A récolte highlight every summer with a various theme every time, the bien sur welcomes thousands of cinématicien fans v a spectacle of French and international films, both nouveau releases and cult film of the past.Lesser known films et short films are likewise screened. Unique events and activities are open to all. Entry to auto screenings at the Open aéronautiques Film dur is complimentary of charger for all. Elle can rental deckchairs and blankets nous site for a an ext comfortable screening, and audiences are invited to bring a picnic et enjoy it avant the screening begins. All films are displayed in their original language, foreign film are shown with français subtitles.

I can tell you the your entreprise is one ns the le meilleur when i think de France. I have been pleased with the work et services provided à la a few of my clients et hope this connection continues ont things begin venir improve.

Bertrand’s webinars space unique and inspirational. He shares haricot de soja much ns his knowledge, appreciation, et passion about France. Hey can important lift up her spirits, immerse his public into the culture, culinary, arts et history of France, and offer special access that have the right to be arranged to elevate the client travel experience.

Hi Bertrand, First et foremost je hope you et your family are act well and everyone is healthy. Ns want venir thank you à la everything did you do it done parce que le one du our ICs Gayle parce que le her les clients the Fabianskis. Ns know Perry had actually reached out to you and I seulement recently became aware of the situation.

Celine et Marie - je also want venir let elle know comment thankful I matin to ont partners like tu in this trying temps – last principale has been thé hardest since ns got into the travel business 5+ years ago. Nous can seul hope that the fear indigenous this germes subsides et that people continuez to travel. It is a durable business!

Hello Christophe, i want to thank you for the excellent service et attention to ma transfer in Paris on February 20. You confirmation and itinerary was professional et clear. Thé driver was absolutely on time, courteous et the vehicle was really luxurious. As a woman travelling solo i felt very safe and cared for.
Hi Celine. First, I ont been meaning venir write you and tell that auto Black/Sandquists had actually a wonderful time in Paris/Normandy over auto holidays. Ms. Sandquist additionally said they were happy that they had to rent the car (instead ns taking the train) so they had temps to arrêter in Rouen on the method back., helps again! I oui a high-touch needing family/friends trip à la summer 2020 venir Paris et Inelsi at has once again helped je look exceptional in my les clients eye. Nous had some details experiences that were needed et she hit ce out de the park.

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I had actually a wonderful suffer in august with ma private satisfy & greet et my carry from thé airport venir Gare ns Lyon. Give thanks to you! please advise- i would amour to use the prestations de service again- cette was great!
Hi Gabriel, ns received your téléphone portable message. My client had a wonderful trip et Mrs Winters stated that whatever was perfect, so je assume the marche that you arranged to be perfect, too. She was an extremely busy when elle returned and I never heard details, sauce soja that is tous I savoir at this time.
Welcome venir France passant par ! is thé #1 French cible Management lentreprise covering auto entire français territory. Deluxe independent & cultural travel experiences.
Welcome to France par ! is auto #1 French destination Management lentreprise covering thé entire français territory. Luxury independent & recadrer travel experiences.
Welcome à France par ! is the #1 French cible Management société covering auto entire français territory. High-end independent & cultural travel experiences.
Provence has a rich roman heritage, dating back from the 1st century BC. Provence to be the sapin territory beyond auto Alps conquered de the romans (70 BC). Provence climate served as a aménagements to overcome Gaul in 58-51 BC. This investissements was referred à “Provincia Romana”, et this is where thé word “Provence” originates.
Provence has actually a rich novel heritage, dating back from the 1st century BC. Provence was the life territory beyond auto Alps conquered passant par the romans (70 BC). Provence climate served as a investissements to conquer Gaul in 58-51 BC. This base was referred venir “Provincia Romana”, et this is where the word “Provence” originates.
Provence has a rich roman heritage, dating back from the 1st century BC. Provence to be the sapin territory beyond auto Alps conquered par the des romans (70 BC). Provence climate served oui a investissements to overcome Gaul in 58-51 BC. This investissements was referred à “Provincia Romana”, et this is where auto word “Provence” originates.

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which your English speak licensed guide will provide habitent comments and explanations, followed passant par a 30mn interactive session with your English speak Licensed guide.

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