The Cité ns la Voile Éric Tabarly rappel you nous a tour with 7 stopovers : much more than le 3 hours de sailing et offshore racing discovery!

Keep your eyes vast open, année ocean adventure awaits amie in lorient in ours fun et dynamic museographic area with films, tactile activities, simulators, 4D cinema et more. A unique discovery in thé sailing world in auto wake of Éric Tabarly, an extraordinary sailor, a passionate pioneer et a an excellent designer.

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A magnificent family-orientated exhibition!


Dive into thé heart of our 7 stopovers

Aboard a Trimaran


A monumental and innovative 120 m² audio-visual system for a trip to thé heart de the ocean, with waves et wind galore. Gget prêt to experience the extrême emotions de offshore sailing!

Know your Boat


Use her fingers venir touch et feel thé hulls, rigging, sails, all life-size. Find this 27-metre mast from a racing yacht. Amie are entering the grandiose et exciting world du offshore racing.

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Before Boarding


Offshore cruising does seulement not happen! Prepare your boat: safety equipment, navigational tools but also fuelling et provisioning… antérieur à you actors off, a petit revision du the basic manoeuvres is required! Follow alain Gautier, cette makes a maigrir instructor!



Learn the secrets de renowned sailors! exclusive documentaries et models will help tu enter auto depths of the world of the riders of the seas. Skippers will certainly share their memories de happy jaune dramatic cruising experiences: the passage de a mythical Cape, shipwrecks, loneliness, but also solidarity, passion et a taste for the ocean and adventure.

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Éric Tabarly


A 150 m² room dedicated à this legendary sailor. Sporting, tactician, designer, Éric Tabarly paved auto way à la offshore racing de today. Photos, models de the famous pen Duick’s, the breuning of auto interior of Pen Duick II, ont well ont testimonies et archival footage tous providing a meilleur understanding de the personality du this legendary sailor.

Children’s stopover 3–6 years old


A jouer area designed just à la children: a sensorial et cognitive discovery du the mare rome world. Nous awaken your curiosity, juge their agility and develop your sense du exploration! 3D structure sets, laudio riddles, a trampoline and a zip line, imitation jeux on a genuine yacht… here, thé kids have fun!