Cm-cic credit mutuel

In front of nouveau economic et social realities, over there is no plus long any choice cible to transform. We choose to appui business leader in your projects de bringing in ours equity and the Human capital of ours network. Ce is our way of helping them à execute their strategy, both in France and abroad at every stage ns their development: through venture capital, growth capital et Buyouts.

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Leaders not seulement un need capital to succeed they require more, much more openness, more time, more connections, v those who choose them change themselves à enrich themselves v experiences know-how, trajectories. Auto investor business changes and reveals thé transformation potential ns companies. Due to the fact that our web links are an useful CM-CIC dinvestissement becomes CréditMutuel equity your capital transformation.

Business maquette transformation



Voyageurs ns Monde is a French dirigeants in personalised and adventure trips. The company is extremely renowned et boasts high customer satisfaction built on the expertise du its teams, quality de servi...

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Equity transition



Domaine Tariquet produces et markets close to 10 million bottles ns wine every year, greatly dry blanche wines, and distributes castle in some 60 countries. V 1125 hectare of vines, Domaine Tariquet...

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International expansion



One de the global leaders in thé sports et leisure equipment sector, thé ABEO group"s activities are divided into 3 segments: gymnastics and other sports; "sportainment" and climbing; and lock...

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Technology mutation


Lorenz and Hamilton

Lorenz and Hamilton is a human being resources consulting lentreprise offering cross-disciplinary services: recruiting, transition management, HRIS-dedicated software program publishing, and année artificial intelligen...

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You are convinced that human capitale boosts thé companies" appreciation?

Crédit Mutuel equity is affiliated in more than 350companies, and their supervisors share année entrepreneur"s network that uses everyone, whatever the nature of his project, à benefit de each other"s experience.


It"s very considérable to have the faire un don of a partner that"s there for the longue term. CréditMutuel same is année equity investor that takes into account thé medium- and long-term growth cycles du industrial companies. Thierry GOUBAULT CHARLES & ALICE


CréditMutuel Equity"s teams outside of la france allow us à provide seamless faire un don across toutes les personnes territories. Serge BOHYN SAUERMANN


CréditMutuel innovations is année investor the thinks disruptively et is interested in new approaches in our sector. Hervé AFFAGARD MAAT PHARMA


Discover our 350 investment portfolio companies et their convertir projects in France et abroad.

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2021advizeo est ns société de la Greentech spécialisée dans l"optimisation ns la puissance énergét...

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2021Advitos, a Munich-based medical technology company, developed et markets the ADVOS multi-device...

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