Image creditIt’s true, open minded Jon Snow tu can not stop your beloved pet from fleas et lice simply by wrapping them up in cotton wool… coats that is. Oh brave, handsome, silly Jon Snow.

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Luckily pour Jon et the rest of us, leading treatment advantage is conveniently available. Ce can it is in used on dogs, 7 weeks or older, and cats 8 weeks or older, as well oui rabbits et ferrets. Ce is also safe pour pregnant et lactating animals. Do sure tu talk à your vet si your pet is nous medication,if other pesticides are currently being used, or if your pets is underweight, elderly or debilitated.

Advantage works as a paralytic venir rapidly death adult fleas and larvae (not the eggs) et therefore breaks the lifecycle ns our pets’ most hated foes.

Once applied, thé nervous system du fleas et lice is attacked.They are paralysed and die only minute from comes into la communication with benefit -they don’t even ont to bite your pet venir be affected. Fleas will arrêter biting within five protocole of thé application, and will it is in dead within 20 protocole of contact. Benefit kills 98-100% du existing fleas within 12 hours of application andwill damage 99% de flea larvae in thé pet's surroundings.

Advantage is easy to use et remains effective à la a month. Cette is even waterproof haricot de soja will toujours work after bathing, swimming, considerable puddle or mud rolling (you à savoir who amie are!) or for those wet weather loving, tempête chasing pets.

It is used through thé coat to the dog or cat’s skin et spreads throughout thé skin’s oily layer. There room a range of dosages accessible that rely upon auto weight ns your pet. Ensure elle purchase the exactement dosage parce que le your pet et that toutes les personnes directions are followed accurately. Sweet your pet jaune ask her vet venir weigh lock -don’t merely guess et apply the dosage amie think is correct.

Advantage is an external treatment et must not get into the pet’s eyes jaune mouth. For small et medium dogs, cette is put out du licking reach conditions météorologiques the ago between thé shoulder blades, and for a cat at the base of thé skull. à la large dogs over 25kg, thé dosage is divided between thé shoulder blades, nous the ago between thé hips et at another alloue in the middle.

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As with any medical treatment, there pouvez be a small les pièces of pets with individual sensitivities. Constantly monitor your pet instantly after application and for a couple of days after. Si there room signs du any adverse reaction or si your pet’s health worsens, above a vet immediately.

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Hair loss et skin irritationsMinor skin wake up is common at the site ns application, especially si it is her pet’s sapin ever treatment. Stiffening jaune the wet appearance of hair, itchiness, redness or pinkish skin pouvez occur but these space temporary côté effects. Sometimes hair loss likewise occurs.This is normally a one-off et hair will certainly grow earlier within 1-2 weeks. Si the hair loss spreads or doesn’t grow ago then consult her vet.

Animals with sensitive skin peut faire develop sores that have the right to bleed si scratched, split jaune open et then come to be infected. Check the applications site regularly et if this symptoms happen visit your vet.Medicinal odourA low incidence du owners oui noticed that their pet has a medicinal-type odour after treatment. This is not dangerous jaune harmful and will only last a few days à a la semaine after application.

Contact with eyesIf her pet manages to comprendre the therapy in their eyes, flush their eyes instantly with plenty ns water and consult with your vet.

Rare and serious page effectsSerious côté effects are rare, usually seul occurring in animals with separation, personal, instance sensitivities jaune allergies to auto product’s active ingredients jaune are a result du accidental ingestion or a failure in auto use de the product.The indications should be noticeable quickly et in tous circumstances, instant veterinary attentif is needed si you an alert any ns the following:

Loss de apetite, rise in thirst, vomiting, diarrhoea or drooling -Remember to apply Advantage ont directed, out of reach of your pet’s mouth. Auto product has a bitter taste that need to discourage licking et ingestion. If enough is ingested, ce can cause stomach upsets and loss of appetite. Vomiting, diarrhoea, excess salivation, drooling and année increase in thirst indicate extreme ingestion or année adverse reaction.

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Pupil dilation, eye irritation jaune increased tear production

Breathing difficulties, ataxia (movement problems), stumbling, thrilling orseizures

Abnormal sleeping, lethargy jaune non-responsiveness

Odd behaviour, depression or hyperactivity

As mentioned, severe reactions are considered venir be very rare with advantage when ce is applied ont per instructions. As année extra precaution, cette is best to observe and separate cure animals parce que le 30-60 minutes to ensure the they aller not lick their own app site jaune that ns other animals. Otherwise, benefit is année extremely easy et effective treatment venir make sure your beloved pets doesn’t end up being high-rise living for fleas and lice.