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About la corse Ferries-Sardinia Ferries: The la corse Ferries coporation, groupe was founded passant par Bastia indigenous Pascal P. Lota in 1968, under thé name corsica Line. The life private ferry société linking Italy et Corsica, et the leading operator connecting corsica with mainland France, cette has delighted in exponential growth et added a selection of nouveau routes over the last 50 years. Currently known ont Corsica Ferries-Sardinia Ferries, the lentreprise continues to launch new lines, particularly to Sardinia, while copy down nous its currently services.

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About roche Mattei: After graduating indigenous ESSEC business School in 1988, au sens propre could Pierre conçu that hey was destined à manage a surtout maritime transport company. Indeed, hey was all set to embark nous a job in banking, seul to finish up joining corsica Ferries oui the gaue won Controller. Thirty year on, he is the company’s CEO and his trip with corsica Ferries continues.


Turbulence: to begin with, tell us a little peu about yourself and your background. Comment did tu wind up in the mareorama passenger transporté industry?

Pierre Mattei: It’s a long story. I never planned à work in this industry. After graduating, ns was living in Paris and was getting prêt to start my career in thé banking sector. Cible in 1988, ns was contacted passant par a family acquaintance that offered moi the chance to work at la corse Ferries as the gaue won Controller. Ns arrived at thé company ont a youngster and I’ve never left, having actually steadily increased through the ranks: i went native Financial contrôler to Finance Director, avant becoming managing Director in 1993 and then President ns the board in 1998. I’ve currently been at the group for 30 years et that’s not thé only gros milestone this year, ont the société is also celebrating that 50th anniversary.

My connection with Pascal Lota, the company’s founder, was obviously vital. Nous formed a very close partnership et were able à ride a wave du success thanks venir key strategy decisions that permitted us venir keep developing the business. The is how, in thé 2000s, conditions météorologiques became the leading passenger transport lentreprise for trips to et from Corsica.

The grouper was recently acquired passant par its managers. What ont the consequences been à la the company’s culture?

After grandfather Lota pass away deux years ago, je organised a takeover de myself et my fellow managing partners. Parce que le almost a année now, we oui been shareholder in thé company. Of course, it was done with the blessing du the Lota family, who sold the coporation, groupe to us. Auto managers who bought the firm with je were involved in that development; they’re attached to auto company and understand corsica Ferries’ culture. Our aim is venir carry nous Mr Lota’s work.

The société is farming strongly. What are the henchmen pillars de the corsica Ferries-Sardinia ferries group’s entreprise model et how à faire you differentiate yourselves from her competitors?

The native ‘open-mindedness’ and ‘alternative’ define us et are thé keys to our success. In auto early years, nous sought to overcome the national cabotage monopoly between Corsica et mainland France by launching a cheminement via Italy, banking on français people being willing to first head à Italy in order to travel on to Corsica. Paradoxically, ce takes less temps to comprendre from parisien to Genoa than venir Nice, and the sailing éliminer between Corsica and Italy is shorter than the between thé island and mainland France. At the beginning, this failed in the français market, mainly because du the difficulty in travelling in between France et Italy. Before the opening ns borders, the number of defense checks et unpleasant road transport état made ce a an overwhelming journey. Nevertheless, it was a success pour foreign tourists, attracting life Germans et then Italians.

After thé Italian marché began to struggle in auto late 1980s, nous subsequently began preparing parce que le the liberalisation de passenger traffic in the direction of European island destinations, ont heralded passant par the European economic Community Regulation de 1992. Nous devised a ten-year strategy. Thé opening up ns the marché to competition was an opportunity that nous were determined venir seize et we managed to smash thé existing monopolies between mainland Italy et Sardinia and between mainland France et Corsica. Nous knew that the public operator-monopoly-subsidies loop wouldn’t last forever, so we acquired ourselves organised and made strategic investments, consisting of notably designing and buying quicker boats. Our alternative approach is additionally reminiscent du the so-called low-cost model, gift based on moving to cheaper ports, to run quicker and more constant services, making use de online platforms and offering cheaper prices, while maintaining high top quality standards nous board.

Our group’s growth has additionally been driven par the idea of providing an alternatives to aéronautique travel. Due to the fact that the lentreprise was established in 1968, we ont launched routes to destinations the must ont seemed injudicious at auto time. I’m talking around going beyond thé Mediterranean, which was charted territory à la us, to emplacement like thé Caribbean, Venezuela et across auto Channel. Toutes les personnes the shipping operators you talk venir today will parlez you that versatility is a requirement ns managing a mareorama transport group et that you mustn’t be afraid venir venture outside your comfort zone. That mindset is part et parcel of our business. We’ve gained our bases, but we move roughly according venir opportunities and our partnerships. And our routes oui long represented an alternative, both to thé prevalent entreprises model among our competitors et with respect to est différent forms of transport.

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The liberalisation du cabotage was, therefore, a major turning mettre en ordre for thé company. How à faire you explain other players’ failure à follow her example?

We were the first to put thé EEC Regulation du 1992 into terrain when nous did so in in march 1998. Europe lawmakers provided state-run companies temps to adapt, soja the Regulation seul came into force à la lighter flagged ship in 1998, or in some instances in 2001, oui this is when certain existing agreements concluded. At la corse Ferries, we kept fermer la porte tabs conditions météorologiques the legal developments from thé early 90s onwards et we provided this transitional period à invest et lay auto groundwork in markets par dispatching salespeople venir liaise v agencies, beginning à sell ticket online et forging ties throughout thé market, also though nous didn’t have direct routes at that point. Divers companies, conversely, did no capitalise, preferring to try to protect themselves passant par obstructing thé regulation’s implementation.

The three big state-run companies, in Spain, Italy and France, ont since disappeared or been taken over. Our deviner gave us an advantage and we became the tons Italian société to offer the cheminement between France and Corsica.

Our sole mistake was banking conditions météorologiques this liberalisation being commonly rolled the end in thé early 2000s, which walk not ultimately happen until the 2010s. Conditions météorologiques sustained losses, cible they did not halt our progression, and we ont been the leading operator to et from la corse since 2003-2004.

You mentioned avant that 2018 is thé group’s anniversary et it can be a pivotal year. What developments can conditions météorologiques expect? quel are her thoughts nous the émergence of auto group et maritime transporte in general?

Our market is expanding steadily, with new lines constantly springing up. Auto continuous pursuit of innovation is in our DNA. We’ve released a route between France and Sardinia that has performed incredibly well. Sardinia is our the strongest market, particularly for departures from France. We’re going to continue along this path par establishing new routes from la france to thé Balearics. It’s also de nombreux to remarque that we’re really flexible; parce que le instance, conditions météorologiques avoid allocating specific bateaux to details lines.

You’ve touch on la corse Ferries’ ajustement to nouveau technologies, especially the advent du the Internet, and the avenues offered by your virtual sales platform. How oui you changed your platform à meet the expectations de your customers and particularly foreign customers?

It is considérable to know that maritime passenger transporté companies sell a specific product. Unlike tour operators v their all-encompassing packages, we only represent one part ns the take trip experience, i beg your pardon travellers regularly purchase directly from nous through for sure credit-card payments conditions météorologiques our website. Conditions météorologiques that note, ours sales depend conditions météorologiques our passengers’ nationality. Pour instance, French and German customers mostly use ours website on année individual basis, albeit nous still oui a B2B visibility there too, if in Italy, most du our sales come through travel agencies.

Incidentally, our digital sales took éteindre quickly, breaking down borders and in certain currency barriers. Having said that, we’ve recently switched strategy. In auto past, nous catered à la multiple currencies as a matter de course, but now we seul give client the option of paying in euros.

In normal (and this is a des questions we’re asking all of our interviewees), what faire you see oui the biggest challenge facing the travel industrie today?

Local acceptability is one of the henchmen challenges. V tourism ever growing, a balance needs à be struck. Thé situation nous islands prefer Majorca et Capri needs that a balance be found between the pressure indigenous tourism et the demands of local populations, in order venir maintain harmony in traveler hotspots.

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Tourism professionals must it is in sensitive à these sentiments and come increase with solution to minimise the dommage of tourism, specifically its eco-friendly footprint. Parce que le instance, our customers have the option of contributing à a carbon-offset scheme. à that effect, we’ve developed a la corse Ferries forest in Peru, i beg your pardon our tourists can assist grow. Nous also occupational with local populations et their representatives venir explain thé benefits du tourism parce que le regions.