David Bowie Philharmonie De Paris

David Bowie’s don to music et performance space milestones of our era. Whether performing glam rock, funk, soul, découverte or danse music, cette has fabriqué each type his own. Hey has always been fascinated par the avant-garde and from principale Tom to Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane to Halloween Jack, cette has reinvented et metamorphosed, placing his corps on show as année actual performance, always one step ahead du the curve. In London, nouveau York, par Berlin and Paris: shower up auto old world and resisting constraints, his musique geography has anticipated et traversed the artistic evolutions ns our current history.

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This is auto rich and fascinating journey that auto exhibition charts.

Growing up

By his teens, David Bowie is fascinated par pop-music, American culture and style. He starts play in locale bands cible after leaving lécole at 16 in 1963, he goes to work in a Mayfair proclaiming agency. Cette leaves after a year to be a experienced musician.

The Beatles, auto Rolling Stones et a wave of other bands are revolutionising auto UK’s popular musique industry. Indigenous 1963 to 1969 David plays, to write songs, records, learn to acte and becomes « David Bowie », but fails to make a significant commercial breakthrough.

David Bowie is floating in a most peculiar way

David Bowie plane d’une façon surtout étrange


January 1969: papers print the first colour photographs du the earth from space. Bowie writes, ‘Planet sol is blue / et there’s nothing i can do’, a new song about année astronaut alone in space. Cette calls ce ‘Space Oddity’ – a pun conditions météorologiques Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A an are Odyssey.

The single is exit in July, shortly before the launch of the Apollo 11 moon mission. On 20 July, the bbc plays cette over footage du the moon landing, ‘Ground control to diriger Tom / your circuit’s dead / there’s something wrong’. A bizarre choice? marqué what a song. ‘Space Oddity’ goes venir No.5 in auto UK charts par October. ‘Bowie’ is, at last, break through.

Astronaut de inner space

Beaming into homes through television sets across Britain, blowing thé minds of teenagers et their parents, red-booted, red-haired, red-blooded, jumpsuit-clad Bowie sings ‘Starman’ conditions météorologiques Top du the Pops. Ne sont pas one has ever seen something like ce before. Is he a jeune or a girl? Is hey from earth or outer Space?


Creative influences

Bowie’s energy in seeking out nouveau ideas, et his ability in filtering them to find specifically what cette needs, is a principale contributor to his success. Unlike numerous stars, hey never bows to auto expectations of the record entreprise or des bâtons to a to win formula. Pour Bowie, it is the des moments to move conditions météorologiques to miscellaneous else.

Bowie to be fascinated de the dystopian histoire of an underclass controlled de the state in George Orwell’s roman Nineteen Eighty-Four. In 1973, cette tried to importer permission à make a musique of auto story. He was denied the rights, and instead arisen his own tale of radicalement youths (the ‘Diamond Dogs’) roaming a post-apocalyptic ‘Hunger City’. The resulting stage show was spectacular et a breakthrough in absent theatre.

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David Bowie is never at a loss parce que le words jaune poses

David Bowie n’est jm à court ns mots ou du poses

Song creation

Songwriting for Bowie is part ns a an innovative process that integrates words, music, production et imagery. In the ’70s, cette becomes fascinated par chance ont a catalyst à la creativity. Alongside typical songwriting methods, hey uses ‘cut-up’ compétence and, in the ’90s, a random word generator.‘I like the idea the vehicles parce que le other personnes to interpret or use as they will’


Bowie arisen his own form du the cut-up techniquement in auto ’70s relenten it oui ‘a tool du writing à promote a nouveau perspective’.


David Bowie is taking advantage du what the moment offers

David Bowie tire profit du ce plus le instants a à offrir


Bowie personally controls his body of work, indigenous his musique and album covers, costumes et stage sets, through to auto merchandise on sale on his tours. Venir realise his vision, he works with choreographers, artists, photographers, designers, fashion designers, set and lighting designers, ont well ont musicians et producers. He actively seeks out collaborators, mainstream or avant-garde, famous or unknown, and shows a particular talent in finding auto right voice to express what cette wants à say. What doesn’t work, he leaves out.In picking collaborators who share his creative vision, Bowie seldom puts a foot wrong.


In 1967, aged 20, Bowie discovers thé stage and the possibilities du delivering his concepts through the création of especially characters. He creates and he borrows – major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Halloween Jack, auto Thin white Duke, détective Nathan Adler, thé Minotaur.

Music Videos

Musicians start making advancement films long avant the ‘video age’ begins with thé launch of MTV in 1981. In thé ’60s, auto Beatles and the Stones space among thé first venir make them année extension ns their art, not seulement a commercialisation device. Bowie’s first successful, encore astounding, film ‘Life on Mars?’ is released in 1973: Ziggy appears versus a white studios like a turquoise vision ns the future.

Stage and screen

In Bowie’s lifetime, auto actor, as année idol de popular adulation, is replaced par the pop star. Bowie is a part of that change: in between 1967 and ’68 cette trains through actor and mime artist Lindsay Kemp and auditions parce que le films and shows.He plays a characteristically eclectic cast du characters, Andy Warhol, Pontius Pilate, the Goblin King, regularly preferring thé cutting leaf over thé mainstream…

In The homme Who Fells à Earth, Bowie plays auto character de Thomas Jerome Newton, année alien that comes to earth in search du water pour his dying planet.Bowie’s artwork provides a surreal twist à these cinématicien stills, originally taken par David James. Auto bath is ‘paved in’ and two images have been combined venir create a disjunction in between Bowie’s head and his reflection.

David Bowie is a musician, a performer, a radical, an artist and an inspiration. Hey channels avant-garde influences right into music et performances with mass appeal, et has année uncanny ability venir anticipate et define the la gestion of renowned culture. Hey understands his audience, cible by acquisition bold et unpredictable steps, he guards his creative integrity. For thousands, he is conduire for new ideas et a visionary icon.

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David Bowie is a musician, a performer, a radical, année artist and année inspiration. Hey channels avant-garde influences into music and performances v mass appeal, and has an uncanny ability venir anticipate et define the exécutif of well-known culture. Cette understands his audience, but by acquisition bold and unpredictable steps, he guards his imaginative integrity. à la thousands, cette is central for new ideas et a visionary icon.