Snow sure, high-altitude, with an efficient lift system and 600 km of well-groomed pistes, The 3 Valleys has a substantial amount à offer even thé most demanding skiers and snowboarders.

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With 180 lifts, 600 km of skiing nous 330 significant pistes, The 3 Valleys in the northern french Alps is the world’s largest connecté ski area.

It’s high altitude, snow-sure action with 85% of the operation being above 1800 m. Unsurprisingly then, les 3 Vallées is home to Europe’s highest ski resort, Val Thorens, v its highest lift lug skiers et boarders up to 3200 m.

When nature falls short there room 2000 snow pitié to fill auto gaps, soja you can book your ski holiday for sure in thé knowledge that there will be snow even in thé lower resorts.

The modern-day lift infrastructure quickly and efficiently connects tu to the various will sectors, and it’s fairly feasible venir ski a various resort every day du the week.

The le 3 Valleys surveiller Map


Skiing for tous abilities

Les 3 Vallées has actually a good mix of beginner à advanced skiing. Beginner skiers have 43 vert runs et 129 blue runs, concéder the new ‘Easy Rider’ which signposting makes tons even easier si you’re nouveau to auto sport. Look out for the pink authorize which suggests that the route is nice and wide through a gradual incline, seul what amie need as a first-timer finding her feet.

Intermediates have endless possibilities to explorer the entire domain. Plan your job around auto 129 blue runs and 125 rouge runs i m sorry take elle from 3200 metres down à 1300 metres, a chuck 1900 m vertical drop!

4 snowparks with kickers and rails parce que le every level market plenty de scope à la freestylers. Head venir Moon Park pour a variety du entry level boxes and kickers. Pour a bigger challenge, DC Park has the most scope pour big air style.

Budding freeriders must head to Courchevel for inter-piste fun et in court vis conditions, do a beeline pour La Tania et Les Menuires where auto tree runs will keep amie riding.

Advanced skiers and boarders oui some epic action to explore. Head over à Courchevel et take nous the vaste Couloir, a super-steep thigh burner. Or take a guide and strike out beyond thé safety de the pistes. The le3 Valleys off-piste highlights include thé Couloir traverser des Verdons et the hollow Noirs.

The le 3 Valleys Ski Pass

All 8 resorts ns The le 3 Valleys are easily accessible with a simple lift pass. Unsurprisingly being the world’s largest ski area it’s quite pricey, cible you can ski all week here and not aller the exact same run twice.



The Courchevel ski will in the french Alps is a circonscriptions of five Alpine village — Courchevel 1850, Courchevel 1650, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1300, et Courchevel St super 1100. Toutes les personnes five resorts are linked by année efficient bus service.

It’s an area du remarkable scenic beauty, beauty where tu can reap some spectacular views, consisting of that of montagne Blanc. Thé Saulire cable là takes elle up auto resort’s high point at 2700 m, where amie can access 150 kilomètre of pistes et some epic off-piste descents.

Courchevel has actually a reputation parce que le being a really pricey resort, but in truth, seulement un Courchevel 1850 has actually astronomically high prices. The différent four resort villages are way more affordable.

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La Tania


Sandwiched between Courchevel and Méribel, les Tania provides a great investissements from which to ski The le3 Valleys.

You’ll find brillant high-speed pistes, an excellent freeride action with loads du natural hits, and amazing tree runs that make les Tania par far the meilleur place to ski in bad weather. Plus, with straightforward access venir Méribel’s snowparks et Val Thorens’ steep couloirs, there’s no shortage ns skiing et boarding whatever sacrés you’re into.

With 150 km of pistes, la Tania is a decent sized resort in its own right, marqué its low altitude means thé snow isn’t always as good ont higher resorts. The said, la Tania stands out oui being thé cheapest way to enjoy The 3 Valleys with easy access à both Courcheval et Meribel.

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Located in auto heart of das 3 Vallées, Méribel is thé most central of all resorts. It’s one ns the few resorts that truly caters for tous types of snow des sports enthusiasts. That beautiful, has actually a huge ski area et is fine serviced through state du the de lart lifts, hotels, restaurants and après.

The quick et easy access venir five divers fabulous will in the le 3 Vallées area method skiers and boarders can enjoy a massive 600 km of pisted runs. Méribel makes année ideal base for trying out Courchevel et Val Thorens, plus the smaller resorts of la Tania, saint Martin du Belleville et Les Menuires.

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There’s also easy access to extensive off-piste skiing in Meribel itself, including a good powder bowl de the montagne Vallon bubble. However, some de the more daunting off-piste deserve to be found in some de the adjoining resorts, particularly Val Thorens.

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Spa city Brides-les-Bains to be part du the 1992 Olympic village et is linked to The le3 Valleys skiing par the Olympe gondola. Start your week with année Olympe breakfast nous offer every Monday morning.

Brides-les-Bains is a good value resort in comparison through its much more famous neighbours et there’s plenty of affordable accommodation making cette popular through bigger groups and families.

Nestled in auto trees at 600 moyen altitude, the resort is encore quite quiet, with après-ski mainly focused conditions météorologiques a few hotel bars.

Les Menuires


Purpose built das Menuires ville is at an altitude of 1850 m and has toutes les personnes the advantages de a ski from your door resort.

Les Menuires’ main attrait is auto quality du the skiing. Access to das 3 Vallées is a gros plus, marqué the variety of the pistes, the modern and efficient background system, and the superb snow record means les Menuires ticks a lot of boxes in its very own right.

Les Menuires resort itself has 81 traces totalling 160 km of skiing and is blessed v a clear west-facing mountainside that continues to be bright until late afternoon. V 12 green runs, 38 blues, 23 reds and 8 blacks, les Menuires is specifically well suited venir intermediate skiers and boarders.

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Saint Martin de Belleville


Saint Martin ns Belleville is known parce que le its high quality chalet accommodation, trusted atmosphere and gourmet cuisine.

Home to les Bouitte, the first Savoyard restaurants to gagner 3 Michelin stars and some great farm-to-table restaurants, the village has acquired a reputation ont the gastronomic capital of the les 3 Vallées.

Its centre location seul below das Menuires at 1450 m provides quick access venir Méribel et the rest de The le 3 Valleys.

To finish auto day, tu can ski back venir the ville on part beautifully tenderness off-piste travail from auto top de the Olympique express lift.

Val Thorens


Welcome to thé highest resort du the three Valleys. With the village located at an altitude of 2300 m, the actually auto highest ski resort in Europe. That is lofty la taille means you’re almost guaranteed good snow and there are some spectacular see down the Belleville Valley.

With terrain suitable for toutes les personnes levels indigenous beginners à experts, Val Thorens supplies you an unforgettable skiing et snowboarding suffer in a friendly et relaxed atmosphere. Val Thorens itself has actually 68 pistes, peaking at over 3200 m and some outstanding off-piste et ski touring terrain.

Some brillants independent ski schools et guides favour Val Thorens ont it has great snow from November to auto beginning du May.

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At the tarif reaches de The 3 Valleys, Orelle located in auto spectacular Maurienne mountain range is thé easiest access point to Val Thorens and the rest de ski area.

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Les le 3 Vallées exprimer cable car, the longest in Europe, takes tu from 900 moyen up to 2300 m in seulement 15 minutes. Then, tu can then take auto Bouchet chairlift up venir 3230 m.

Orelle share its ski area through Val Thorens providing 150 km of high altitude skiing at a fontaine of auto cost de a full 3 Vallées ski pass. At thé top du the le 3 Vallées montré lift is an area dedicated venir beginners and children, and you can reach Val Thorens via a choice of blue jaune red runs, which opens up auto whole of the le 3 Vallées to skiers of all abilities.

Please leaving a comme? ou quoi below si you need particular advice pour your ski trip à the 3 Vallées, or if you oui any recommendations to help nous improve this article. Happy holidays!