Etape 15 tour de france

Sunday 11 July - the Tour aux France offer a mountainous race du 191.3 kilometer long. Travel from Céret to Andorra la Vella, stage 15 take away in 4 climbs antérieur à a downhill end up in the capitale of auto Pyrenean microstate Andorra.

The tons 19 kilometres aller virtually tous uphill, although at shallow gradients. Expect the battle for the breakaway à be intense. Cette could an extremely well last until the tons proper climb, i m sorry is thé Montée du Mont-Louis. Auto riders tackle auto 8.4 kilometres climb at 5.7% after practically 80 kilometres.

KOM points are up for grabs at kilometre 86.3, marqué the ascent continu – false flat – until skiresort Font-Romeu is got to at année elevation ns 1,783 metres, i m sorry lies 8.5 kilometres further.

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The riders inférieur into the valley, seul to marche straight back up again. From investissements to summit thé Col du Puymorens is around 20 kilometer long, cible the gradients are shallow. Thé last 5.9 kilometer aller up at 4.6%.

A short descent and then the riders climb into Andorra via the harbeurs d’Envalira, i beg your pardon is a 10.7 ascent with an average gradient du 5.9%. The first rider at thé summit wins the mémoire Henri Desgrange, as this marquages – at 2,408 metres over sea level – the highest mission of thé 2021 Tour aux France.

A 19 kilometres descent leads right into Encamp and continues onto the the decisive climb du the day. The Collada du Beixalis is 6.4 kilometer long et the average gradient sit at 8.5%. The life half rises at much more than 10% and features section up à 15%.

The finale ns the 15th phase is a 14.8 kilometres autumn down right into Andorra la Vella.

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The sapin three riders nous the line avoir time bonuses de 10, 6 and 4 seconds. Furthermore, 8, 5 et 2 seconds are accessible at auto Col ns Beixalis.

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