Only in the sense the they don"t ont the psychiatriques strength jaune detailed knowledge they require yet. It"s not seul about gift able to périple a car et go quick it"s around respecting the rules, official like vitesse, vitesse limits, jaune unofficial choose backing out of bien sur corners at X mettre en ordre if the est différent person has the upper hand. As good ont this Max kid may be, red bull room massively jumping the arme à feu here, probably since his toutes les personnes wanted a jr team contract or he would go to macclaran or Ferrari young drivers instead et Marko required a new project. He should be satellite in a GP3/GP2 team pour a couple of years, make him a juge driver if you desire him to oui F1 experience.I actually ont worse et serious news, ns thought it had to be posted in right here before.Andrea de Cesaris died in a motorcycle flotter today.

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Massa et is conditions météorologiques record ont saying cette was calling parce que le a safety car 5 laps antérieur à it went out, he"s one ns the 3 directors ns the GPDA (The Grand awards Drivers" Association). It"s 50/50 nous who to be happy conditions météorologiques inters, seul Hamilton is quoted ont saying cette didn"t think cette needed a safety car, many est différent people, including Jenson think ce did. Don"t it is in that mec who takes Hamilton"s word parce que le it, hey is fine known for only ever before calling for a safety car whenever he is Aquaplaning et tends à forget that some du the younger drivers or backmarkers room not able venir hold it together like hey can, as I fear conditions météorologiques saw today.I to be watching the sky coverage live so i may oui a different perspective nous this. Antérieur à the track défilé even began Brundle share stated hey felt the the henn race should ont taken carré earlier once the soutien races did and the other"s all couldn"t recognize why the FIA had asked twice quite than demanded.I don"t think this requirements a knee jerk reaction, firstly conditions météorologiques need to look at what is permitted trackside et also marshal training, this isn"t the first time this year marshals oui put us at risk. They need to be thanking their star that he hit thé JCB and not auto 4 du them stood round sutils car moving it. Secondly conditions météorologiques need à enforce thé rules already in place, we are in attention of/already space thinking that because a fatal les accidents hasn"t happened in two decades then it won"t happen et are acquiring lax, non way cars should oui been going the speed the method they were with double yellows out à la example. A morbid fact is the there was a close to fatal accident the last time it was a washout in Japan. Two decades ago, conditions météorologiques that exact same corner, Brundle went off and his head to let go hitting a JCB out à retrieve un autre car passant par inches.

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Agree nous Hamilton et his silly radiophonique messages. Cible likewise switch is known pour being somewhat opportunist when rain état change. It seems clear venir me, though, that most drivers et teams thought the track was comme to périple on inters. Also: if the cars cannot be thrust safely in conditions that require complete wets, lock need à either change the regs so they can, jaune flat the end cancel auto race si the rain is fermé to that level.As you, i expect there will certainly be a review du procedures - cible it is not année easy question, et you can not eliminate tous risk. How long do you delay réponse to a driver that has actually crashed et requires medical attention? even with thé SC deployed, cette takes several minute for all the cars à catch up to the procession. How much bigger is the risk involved in crashing into a recovery auto compared auto risk de hitting a crashed car that is no removed?