Faire Un Gif Avec Photoshop

In this tutorial, you"ll learn how to turn a series ns photos right into a looping animated gif using Photoshop.

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This techniquement works well parce que le creating a timelapse film danimation using series de photos taken indigenous a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera, jaune even a téléphone mobile, téléphone portable device. à la this example, we"ll use a series ns photos taken v burst fashion from an iPhone. Download and unzip the sample heritage above, or use your very own sequence de photos.

Tip: You can likewise use thistechnique à create année animated date limite from a quick video. Scroll under to thé Optional step 1 à learn how to begin with a vidéo file.

Open Photoshop and go to ligne > script > Load files into Stack.

Click Browse et locate the des photos you want to use. While holding down thé Shift key, select toutes les personnes the files et click Open.

Click daccord to income the film into a simple layered file.

scripts > Load courant into Stack" title="Choose ligne > script > Load contour into Stack" class="cq-dd-image">

Note the a number of new layers have been produced in theLayers panel on the ideal side ns your workspace.

These individual layers will certainly become auto frames du the animated GIF.


If you"re starting with a brief video, you"ll sapin need to convert auto frames of the vidéos into individual layers. Marche to file > income > vidéos Frames to Layers....

Locate et select thé video file you want à use and click Open.

ClickOKto convert thé video frames venir a seul layered file.

Note:Photoshop pouvez not it is in able venir fully income a vidéo that is too long. Usage the option in the Import window to limit auto amount du frames imported. Elle can select to import thé entire video, or choose just a segment ns the video. Amie can also limit auto amount ns frames imported to a set interval, such as every 2 frames.

income > vidéos Frames venir Layers...." title="Choose la gestion > import > cassettes vidéo Frames à Layers...." class="cq-dd-image">

Go to Window > Timeline to open thé Timeline panel.

Click thé arrow on the button in thé middle of the panel et selectCreate framework Animation. Climate click auto button venir create a nouveau frame animation.

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Timeline" title="Choose window > Timeline" class="cq-dd-image">

Click the menus icon from thé upper appropriate corner de the Timeline panel. Click do Frames native Layers.

This will convert toutes les personnes the class in thé Layers panel into individual frames in your animation.


Click thePlaybutton from the bottom ns the Timeline dashboard (or press thé Spacebar nous your keyboard) to preview thé animation.

Note:If your animation is play in reverse, click thé Timeline menus icon again et selectReverse Frames.


Click the repeat menus from auto bottom de the Timeline panel et selectForever. This will produce a looping animation.


Click thePlaybutton from thé bottom of the Timeline panel (or press thé Spacebar conditions météorologiques your keyboard) à preview auto animation.

Go to ligne > fiddle > Save for Web (Legacy)...

SelectGIF 128 Dithered from the Preset menu.Select256 native the couleurs menu.If elle are using the date limite online jaune want to limit the file size de the animation, échanger Width et Height fields in the image Size options.SelectForeverfrom auto Looping option menu.

Click thePreview...button in auto lower left corner de the violin window à preview your gif in a web browser.

Click Save... Et select a cible for your animated gif file.

export > Save pour Web (Legacy)..." title="Choose la gestion > fiddle > Save for Web (Legacy)..." class="cq-dd-image">

Congratulations! You have just created your man GIF. Post cette online à show ce to the world.

Note that tu can also use this technique parce que le any layered Photoshop file.

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