Faits Divers La Chapelle Sur Erdre

"This case could it is in re-examined in auto coming days according à the new elements that the inspection could reveal if necessary", pr & ea


The Nantes auditeur prosecutor"s bureau remains seized of the inspection into the officier de police officer struck with a knife in la Chapelle-sur-Erdre.

All du the “investigative elements were communicated à the parisien anti-terrorist auditeur prosecutor.

It was agreed, after a nouveau analysis, the in the state ns the investigations, the Nantes prosecutor"s office remained seized of this case, ”said the Nantes auditeur prosecutor, roche Sennès, in a push release.

"This case could it is in re-examined in the coming work depending conditions météorologiques the new elements the the détection may reveal," cette added.

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Summarizing the latest investigations, thé prosecutor shows that auto research section de the gendarmerie du Nantes has accumulated since Friday “more than fifty depositions”, in particular those ns people in thé premises de the apporter police ns Chapelle-sur-Erdre in at thé time du the events, consisting of “the deux officers that were victims of an attempted murder”.

At ne sont pas time walk "the assailant make a statement ns a terrorist-type claim"

"The investigators took thé statement ns the jeune woman who, on peut être 28 in between 10:40 être and 1:00 pm, to be kidnapped par the assailant in his home," he adds, without additional clarification.

According à a source fermer la porte to auto file, the kidnapped mrs affirmed that at no time "the assailant walk not mention a terrorist-type claim".

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The hearings of the gendarmes, witnesses et the use of videos, “allowed auto accused to be fee with three series du shots fired at auto soldiers (...) with deux last shots top to the response of the renforcer of auto order leading to his death, ”said auto prosecution.

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The autopsy brought out this Saturday created that Ndiaga Dieye, 39, had passed away following a "gunshot wound in the abdomen".

"Many depositions room currently accumulated in thé professional and family environment de the aggressor in order à identify his personality", specifies auto magistrate.

A computer system tablet and a téléphone portable phone were seized native Ndiaga Dieye"s home.

Their "data are being used" and "the outcomes will be recognized at auto beginning of suivant week", adds auto prosecutor.


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