Fédération internationale des sociétés de la croix-rouge et du croissant-rouge

International ligue of red Cross et Red Crescent societies

syndicat internationale des sociétés du la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-RougeFederación Internacional aux Sociedades ns la Cruz Roja y de la Media Luna Roja

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Original title: League of Red Cross societies (LORCS) -- ligue des sociétés ns la Croix-Rouge (LSCR) -- Liga de Sociedades ns la Cruz Roja Liga les Rotkreuz-Gesellschaften, conditions météorologiques the plan of Henry p Davison, one ns the leaders ns the American rouge Cross. Name changed, Oct 1983, à League du Red Cross et Red Crescent cultures -- alliance des sociétés aux la Croix-Rouge et de Croissant-Rouge -- Liga aux Sociedades de la Cruz Roja y aux la Media Luna Roja -- Liga der Rotkreuz- et Rothalbmond-Gesellschaften. Existing name adopted Nov 1991, having currently been referred à in that way oui a supplementary title. Thé acronym IFRC is occasionally used. Ensemble with F-XF1623 - internationale Committee of the rouge Cross (ICRC) and tous officially recognized denchères Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, a structure part ns the F-XF2405 - international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


As a volunteer-based humanitarian network, act before, during and after disasters and health emergencies à meet thé needs et improve thé lives du vulnerable people, impartial to nationality, race, gender, spiritual beliefs, class et political opinions.


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Governing Bodies: normal Assembly (every 2 years); executive, management Council. These space assisted passant par Commissions. Fixation Secretariat in Geneva (Switzerland) comprises divisions and departments dealing with auto spheres ns activity in which intérieur societies are permanently engaged. Local delegations (15). Nation delegations (43). Reference centres (12):


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