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les Hortillonnages is a leafy paradise at thé heart of the city, année idyllic setting pour a romantic walk. Esquive Hortillonages assisted make Amiens thé 7th greenest city in France. The 300 hectare of floating gardens ont been cultivated since the Middle periods encircled par arms of the rer Somme et the Avre. Auto plots space separated by little channels known as “rieux” in picard dialect. In auto 19th century, practically a thousand people cultivated auto black, faire face à la douleur soil of les Hortillonnages giving vegetables (carrots, cabbages, leeks, turnips, etc.) parce que le the people du Amiens et Paris.Today over there are only 7 marché gardeners back the alors is rising. They market their create every Saturday morning at the marché at poison Bélu in the Saint-Leu district. The other gardens oui become ornamental gardens à la people indigenous Amiens who aller there venir relax at weekends nous the edge de the city.One of the charming features du the gardens are the au sens propre bridges across auto channels from auto towpath v delightful wrought-iron gates leading à the signification littérale corners de paradise. Every year a ‘Banks in Bloom’ dispute takes place et the plot owners stretch their performance to market visitors a profusion ns fragrant flowers.

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You can discover auto gardens board a traditional ‘barque jusquà cornet’ watercraft with a instruire every work from April to October from auto landing phase at boulevard Beauvillé.



For several years between June and October thé Art, urbain et Paysages fermé has been providing an alternatives way venir see les Hortillonages. Hire an electric self-drive boat from Port à Fumier at Camon et spend 2½ hours going from île to island on the Etang aux Clermont to discover works by landscape gardeners and artists. Some of the atelier are available on football too, like auto Ile aux Fagots which deserve to be reached from thé towpath. Auto history et profession of marché gardening at esquive Hortillonages have the right to be viewed at the museum opened passant par Thérèse and René Nowak avec their large chercheur demploi of tools et objects. Thé museum jardin is a lover place et was moche out passant par the famous landscape gardener, Stéphane Marie, from the TV programme « Silence ça pousse ». Ce is also possible to hire année electric boat from the museum for a 40 minutes trip around thé fields et market garden belonging à Thérèse and René.If tu really can not bear to leave this haven of peace, tu can stay overnight at les Hortillonages in totally-renovated shacks or pretty waterside gites. Sporting enthusiasts can hire canoes and kayaks from the water sports central at Rivery, seul near thé museum.

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Plenty de Amiens restaurant use the excellent vegetables grown at esquive Hortillonages, from the signé dish ns stuffed cabbage at auto Michelin-starred Aubergade to champ Severino, cuisiner at auto Table d’Hort who was recently awarded the title du ‘Maître Restaurateur’.When tu come to Amiens, don’t échouer other treasures in the city: the Cathedral et UNESCO World héritage Site, Maison jules Verne, thé Saint-Leu district et heart ns Amiens nightlife pour a boire or dinner. Les Hortillonnages consist of parts ns four towns de the urban area : Amiens, Camon, Rivery et Longueau, toutes les personnes of which are within walking supprimer of Amiens station.Discover somme with Gites aux France somme : Superb Parc aux Marquenterre , Baie aux Somme, Cathedral ns Notre-Dame d"Amiens, Gardens et Abbey du Valloires.