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How to pronounce words through a mute H?

As mentioned previously in this article, the rule is simple. Thé letter h doesn’t make any type of sound in French. However, what you need to be aware du is to make the liaison et to apply thé elision. Let’s view some indigenous in français that start with a muteh.

Héroïne starts v a mute H

The indigenous “héroïne” in french refers à a female hero. Cette is a feminine noun et therefore thé definite article la is used oui with any différent feminine noun. However, the letter h in “héroïne” is a mute h. Consequently, la i do not care l’ ont the article la is prochain to a mute h.

In addition, thé plural form du l’héroïne is “les héroïnes” and, in this case, thé right français pronunciation is “les‿héroïnes”. As soon as pronouncing “les‿héroïnes” elle should make thé sound /z/.


Some french words which start with an aspirated h

There are countless words that begin with an aspirated h in French. You’ll discover below much more than 10 french words in addition to their singular et plural form. As you’ll observé the elision is not made and you shouldn’t do a liaison once pronouncing this words in plural.

French words that begin with an aspirated h:

Hauteur: les hauteur, das hauteursHéron: le héron, das héronsHonte: la honte, esquive hontesHousse: la housse, les houssesHuche: ns huche, das huchesHêtre: ns hêtre, das hêtresHazard: les hazard, esquive hazardsHache: les hache, esquive hachesHaie: la haie, das haiesHérisson: les hérisson, das hérissonsHibou: les hibou, les hiboux

How à know si the h is mute jaune Aspirated?

Unfortunately, there is non way à know si the letter h is a muteh or an aspirated h. Over there is no simple logique you could use jaune apply à guess if an h is aspirated jaune mute. You’ll need to learn this and build your français knowledge passant par practicing and by functioning your listening skills little de little.

What is true is the most of the français words that start with thé letter h et that are obtained from the Germanic language have année aspirated h. An ext generally, marqué not all the time, auto aspirated h is in français words that were obtained from other languages.

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One guideline is that with some words, cette is evident that do a liaison, whenever over there is ne sont pas one, in reality, sound wrong and, consequently, can change the plan meaning. Pour example “les héros” vs. “les zéros” (heroes vs. Zeros) jaune “les hauteurs” vs. “les auteurs” (heights vs. Writers).

Another tip, in thé dictionary, whenever amie look parce que le a word that starts with an hyou’ll see année asterisk (*) in front du words that have année aspirated h.

A last interesting remarque is the you’ll discover a vowel in every french word that start with h.

Key Takeways

Mute H:


Aspirated H:


When auto elision is applied:

It outcomes in the réduction of

la + silent ns = l’le + silent h = l’je + silent heure = j’

When liaison is pronounced:

It results in pronouncing the sound /z/

Improve your Pronunciation

In this article, conditions météorologiques covered thé silent letter h (mute et aspired) and when venir apply auto liaison and elision.

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