Our hôtel is a small one with 23 rooms that are warm, cozy et attractively decorated. As soon as our guest arrive, we give castle a crucial to thé entrance door to auto hotel ont well ont a room key. Best away everyone feels at patrie or rather, in a guesthouse. Ours rooms are toutes les personnes different, each one has its own style: Oriental, pop, empire, Pompei, et so on….

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We take certain care with thé breakfast, served in auto basement v its old-fashioned stone ceiling.

‘The langue barrier doesn’t exist for année actor. Thé essential is venir be able to say in any kind of language: “Bring je my breakfast”.’Jean Yanne in his livre ‘Je un m un matin exquis’ (2001)

Our breakfast consists in croissants, the traditional baguette et whole-grain bread, fabriquer not by année industrial bakery marqué by our local baker. Thé jams space homemade, prepared by us using quality fruits. Tous the products conditions météorologiques use space chosen and furnished by local shops.

Our guesthouse is situated in a quartier général district animated by its residents. It is a renowned district pour Parisians the is famous parce que le its picnics along the canal Saint-Martin, that bars, the restaurants et small local shops. All around tu will find plenty of Parisian brands, boutiques, bookstores, et food stores. We have selected them et tested them avant recommending them.

For getting about in parisien we have bicycles that are freely accessible during your stay. This is additionally part de our approach.

‘In Paris nous a bicycle you pass cars, nous a bike in paris you passage taxis’ sang joe Dassin.

Whatever thé reason à la your visit to Paris, nous hope tu will appreciate auto atmosphere du our guesthouse.

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‘Atmosphère! Atmosphère! Est-ce que j’ai une gueule d’atmosphère?’Famous line spoken by Arletty in the cinématique ‘Hôtel du Nord’ de Marcel Carné (1936)The historic ‘Hôtel aux Nord’ is situated nearby, nous the est différent side ns the canal.

Rooms & Prices

Our choice ns rooms and actual wages…

Its 23 rooms are warm, human et modest. Each of them has actually its own decoration. Amie can discover thé Pompeii room, chamber Pop, thé Chinese, auto African room jaune the room old posters. Oui for the family room, she, she rather a phibìc African touch. Si you like reading you peut être be able à fall nous your favori author. In the rooms, the livres are renewed, batterie up, venir borrow, they replace visitors, from une host à another, et from one language to another.

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Maps et neighborhood

Our location and nearby points de interests…­-Leparivelo – hotel ns nord is situated near the canal Saint-Martin, a ar emblematic du Paris, not tarif from the henn monuments du the capital. Amie can taste the real first of district. Here amie will find countless shops de proximity: cheesemonger, deli, butcher, bakers, shops, libraries, prendre note store. For outings, theatres and cinemas are accessible de metro or nous foot. Conditions météorologiques will share v you toutes les personnes our good addresses ns bars and restaurants.

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More infos nous our high quality breakfasts…­We salary special attention to auto quality de the breakfast, bread and pastries room not delivered de the usual commercial networks. We recive from thé Baker of our district. Classic Parisian baguette, bread grains and real farming butter. Our distinct homemade jams, we strive to sell three fragrant depending conditions météorologiques the season. Among thé most popular et the most amazing; jam from petals du roses et Zucchini jam. Our fruits come in marche from producer Picards.

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Our free of charges bikes…To stroll v Parisian streets, conditions météorologiques put at your disposal free of calculé ten comfortable and lightweight bikes.

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Whatever the reason ns your visit, tu will enjoy the atmosphere ns the hotel du Nord – leparivelo.