Hotel Proche Olympia Paris Pas Cher

Discover thé history behind this musique venue on the boulevard des Capucines, where thé biggest surname in musique put on their shows.

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The building, instantly recognisable through the red lettering outside, has preserved the 1950s period style et is toujours one de the many famous musique venues in Paris.

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The history ns the oldest music venue in Paris

The Olympia was opened up at thé end du the 19th century by Joseph Oller, the founder of the meule Rouge, who launched the venue as a circus avant changing cette into a music hall theatre in 1893. Music hall was a wide-ranging form of divertir including circus performances, comedy, theatre, ballet, pantomime, acrobats, clowns and singers. The performance were often ns a really high quality, impressing audience with thé light show et theatrical machinery. The singer eugénie Buffet performed conditions météorologiques the opening night. In 1896, Joseph Oller resigned oui manager venir work conditions météorologiques other projects. Cette was replaced by Oscar de Lagoanaire, that was self replaced two years later, due to low audience numbers, passant par the Isola brothers, the founders du the Folies Bergères, who carried success back venir the Olympia. Under the la gestion of Jacques-Charles, who had actually learned thé trade indigenous the Isola brothers, auto venue had actually a gold period antérieur à being transformed right into a cinema et experiencing a downturn between the world wars. Bruno Coquatrix, thé director de the Bobino music hall theatre, then took over thé reins and turned auto venue right into a world-famous show business centre, which has due to the fact that drawn in the crowds through its 2000 capacity. The sapin artist à take to thé stage under his administration was lucian Delyle, v Gilbert Bécaud oui the opened act, performing his song, Il orient à je l’Olympia ("The Olympia is mine").

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Legendary artists

Some de the greatest artists have played here, including Bécaud, the Beatles, Edith Piaf, the Rolling Stones, Zazie, georges Brassens, michel Sardou and Jacques Brel, who was a gros hit at auto venue, specifically thanks to brun Coquatrix, thé director ns the Olympia at the time. Johnny Hallyday, who launched auto twist heat in France, play his first apparence solo at this mythical venue, i beg your pardon was marketed out parce que le the occasion. Open 320 job a year, thé venue is just a two-minute walk far from the Hôtel Mansart, where thé artists consistently stay. Thé Olympia supplies an eclectic programme, ranging from pop/rock/electronic music to french pop dessus comedy theatre, jazz/blues/classical concerts, je sais bien hop et reggae, oui well as shows for children.