Ho chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to lớn Ninh Binh - 2 days Hanoi → Trang An → Tam Coc/Cuc Phuong → Ho đưa ra Minh trail → Hanoi

Ninh Binh is a place associated with many heroic victories and diverse natural landscapes. Especially, Trang An is recognized as a cultural và natural heritage by Unesco. Besides the ancient capital ...

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Ho bỏ ra Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi lớn Mai Chau - 3 days Hanoi → Mai Chau → Pu Luong → Hanoi

The 3-day Ho chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi khổng lồ Mai Chau is one of the shortest tours lớn conquer a part of the Ho chi Minh trail and bring unforgettable memories for visitors on this legenda...

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Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An lớn Hue via DMZ - 4 days Hoi An → Prao → A Luoi → Khe sinh → DMZ → Highway 9 → Vinh Moc tunnels → Hien Lu...

Traveling on motorbikes has undeniably become the hot trend in the young generation, particularly the professional rides. Understand the demands of clients, BM Travel Adventure has designed the off-ro...

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Off-road Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An to Nha Trang - 6 days Hoi An → Kham Duc → Kon Tum → Dak Lak → Lak Lake → da Lat → Nha Trang

If you love getting closer to lớn the green of nature và experiencing the life of tribal villages, this 6-day off-road Central Vietnam motorcycle trip is for you. In this weeklong two-wheeled journey, we...

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Ho bỏ ra Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi lớn Hoi An - 7 days Hanoi → Mai Chau → tan Ky → Phong Nha → Khe Xanh → Hue → nhị Van Pass → Hoi An

Center Vietnam - the rich land on the S-shaped map cannot doubt to lớn be a worthy spot for adventure lovers. Cross through wind-wrapped highways khổng lồ secluded dirt-roads between miles of rocks and sun-kiss...

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Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An to lớn Quy Nhon - 8 days Hoi An → Dong Phu → My Son → Kham Duc → Kon Tum → Buon Me Thuot → Lak Lake → da ...

If taking part in the Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hoi An to Quy Nhon - 8 days, we can not only get great experiences of traveling by motorbike but also feast our eyes with the beauty of natur...

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Ho chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours - Cross Country Motorcycle

The growing popularity of Vietnam as a tourist destination began to reveal its off-tracking potential and attractions that can only be seen during the hike. More và more people, especially young people, prefer to lớn discover the country through the off-tracks & mountains. Despite the presence of many special routes throughout the country that can satisfy the passion for motorcycle hiking enthusiasts of this type of traveling, there are some among the routes that will require you lớn be adventurous và courageous. Ho bỏ ra Minh Trail motorcycle tours, provided by BM Travel Adventure Vietnam Motorbike Tours, is the right choice for you! We will help you explore Vietnam in a perfect way, see the most interesting và memorable places in the country, và experience yourself in an active activity!


Moreover, Ho chi Minh Trail is a vibrant landmark of Vietnam, then anyone interested in military history may want lớn see a network of muddy paths & gravel roads running along the Lao-Vietnamese border. Ho đưa ra Minh Trail - the complex system of mountain and forest trails connecting North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during the Vietnam War. This trail was used by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War and during the war with the French in the 50s. Initially, a small trail turned into a whole network stretching along the Truong Son mountains.

Don’t miss the chance lớn experience this amazing off-track road and know more about the Vietnamese culture & historical events by choosing us. With Ho bỏ ra Minh Trail motorbike tours, you will be able to experience the great Truong Son Mountains, go through poor, but at the same time rustic and astonishing Vietnamese countrysides, see the rice fields that are so picturesque that it’s hard to lớn believe that they are real!


Today, the Ho chi Minh Trail is an exotic attraction of Vietnam và is indicated in the tourist booklets as number 1 trail, which stretches a thousand kilometers and goes along the Truong Son mountain range, covered in the jungle, and ends in the south. Here are some awesome và magnificent off-road tracks on Ho chi Minh Trail: Cao Bang city - Pac Po Cave; Mai Chau valley - Pu Luong nature reserve; Pho Chau - Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park; Buon Me Thuot - domain authority Lat. These roads and places will enhance your experience while discovering unknown places in our country. If you expect a climb, a sea of ​​sunshine enveloping everything và clouds that you can touch with your hand, Ho chi Minh Trail bike tours are perfect for you. Check out most popular tours at Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club:

Hanoi to Mai Chau Motorcycle Tour on the Ho chi Minh Trail - 3 days


A short, but worthwhile trip for those who love nature, breathtaking views, green valleys, people in the cone-shaped hat, silence & fresh air. The city is located between high mountain peaks và is surrounded by a bright green carpet of rice fields, creating a view for contemplation; the beauty of the place is a good reason for many people to stay in Mai Chau for a couple of days. In the spring, it is lush, bright, and green, while in the fall, just before the rice harvest, Mai Chau will become golden. So what are you waiting for? tương tác us và book a trip khổng lồ Mai Chau right away!

Hanoi khổng lồ Hoi An Motorcycle Tour on the Ho bỏ ra Minh Trail - 7 days


Hoi An is a đô thị of bright lanterns, lãng mạn weddings, friendly Vietnamese people, ubiquitous bicycles, special cuisine, so it’s not in vain that the Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By booking this tour at BM Travel Adventure, not only you will be able lớn visit Hoi An, but also experience beautiful sites from the south lớn central Vietnam: Mai Chau, tan Ky, Phong Nha Ke Bang, Khe Sanh, Hue, nhị Van Pass. Here is a model that you can use on this journey:

Honda XR 150L is light và relatively low-powered motorcycle. It is a flexible handling and low weight motorcycle. This kind of motorcycle is easy khổng lồ use and due khổng lồ its low weight, it is suitable even for amateurs. It also can go through all the terrain on the streets from climbing the mountain to swamping.

Hanoi khổng lồ Hoi An Motorcycle Tour on the Ho đưa ra Minh Trail – 11 Days


A longer version of the previous tour! With more time spending on this trip, not only we will have more time khổng lồ enjoy nature, but also educate ourselves about the history và the war of Vietnam, just by seeing the important sites, roads that belong to those historical events. Bike mã sản phẩm that you can use while traveling on this tour:

Honda CRF250L: a cross country motorcycle, it received all the technical innovations available at that time: electronically controlled fuel injection, progressive damping on the steering column, valves made of titanium alloy & more. The maximum tốc độ of the xe đạp is up khổng lồ 145 km/h and 39,4 horsepower. So no doubt this is the motorcycle that brings the most emotion to any biker, who wishes to conquer the off-road enduro road on this route!

Ho đưa ra Minh Motorcycle Tour - Cross Country Tour from Hanoi straight khổng lồ the South


As the duration suggests, all of these tours are from Hanoi straight lớn the south! Not only we have the chance to lớn visit the sites mentioned above on Ho bỏ ra Minh Trail motorbike tours, but also visit famous southern sites like Hue, Nha Trang, Kon Tum, Buon Me Thuot, sai Gon, etc. Book some of the most popular Ho bỏ ra Minh Trail Dirt bike tours and explore 2 thousand kilometers stretching along the Truong tuy nhiên mountains right away! Some hardcore motorcycle models for these tours:

Suzuki DRZ400s: well-known xe đạp to those who love to lớn ride off-road tracks on two wheels. It has a 4-stroke engine on the 400cc engine. With a bike lượt thích this, no off-tracks on the Ho đưa ra Minh trail that you cannot help but cross. Chú ý that DRZ400s isn't for enduro beginners.

As for those who like more advanced bikes, bikes lượt thích CB500X or Kawasaki Versys 300, 600, or stronger lượt thích Tiger 800cc or Gs 1200cc will also be great bikes on this chất lượng trail.

Ho đưa ra Minh Trail motorcycle tours will surely impress travelers with its fabulous off-road tracks, beautiful sites, astonishing mountains, as well as it is a huge opportunity to lớn explore Vietnam from the north to lớn the center khổng lồ the south only in a couple of days. Although on the tourist maps of Vietnam, this route is considered really unusual, and sometimes even difficult, it does not require special efforts and professional tracking skills. After overcoming some difficulties, you will be surprised by the wonderful scenery from the endlessly green fauna and surrounding clouds. So what are you waiting for? Book Ho chi Minh Trail motorcycle tours at BM Travel Adventure now, & let’s conquer the harsh off-road tracks of Vietnam!