Ha Ji Won And Hyun Bin


Meet Hyun Bin và Ha Ji-won

Hyun bin & Ha Ji-won are the stars of the legendary drama, Secret Garden.

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The drama was a huge success, and netted a number of awards in 2010 – 2011, including the pair winning the ‘Best Couple’ award at the SBS Drama Awards. They showed an undeniable chemistry that made everyone think that they might actually be in a relationship. There’s a four-year age difference between the actors, & Ha Ji-won is older than Hyun Bin. Even so, they seemed to have strong bonds as lovers in the drama & afterwards.

In this article, hijackingcatastrophe.org will explore the relationship between the two stars of Secret Garden. Check this out!

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won’s Amazing Chemistry in Secret Garden


Hyun Bin và Ha Ji-won have been thrown together since they starred in Secret Garden in 2010. The drama was aired on SBS from November 13, 2010, until January 16, 2011, và ran for trăng tròn episodes. Secret Garden is considered khổng lồ be a huge success, with an estimated đôi mươi billion won of economic effect. It won a number of awards at both the 2010 SBS Drama Awards and the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, including “Grand prized (Daesang)” for Hyun Bin.

This drama tells about Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin), who is an arrogant CEO và the President Director of a well-known department store. He’s a rich man who lives in an elite environment và has many houses with large yards. But he also has claustrophobia and is unable lớn be in a small room such as an elevator, so instead, he chooses khổng lồ use an escalator lớn go to lớn his office. Then, Gil Ra yên ổn (Ha Ji-won) is a stunt woman or a substitute actor who often does dangerous scenes. They and two other figures, Osca and Yoon Seol, met accidentally.

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They met early because Osca asked him to lớn look for Chae rim (Osca’s ex-girlfriend), as a condition for Osca to extend his contract as Joo-won’s department store’s advertising star. Incidentally, Chae rim’s scene is very dangerous and she’s replaced by Gil Ra Im. When the filming took place, Gil Ra lặng was injured và Joo-won helped her. After that Joo-won often approached her but, initially, Gil Ra yên was very uncomfortable. Over time they fell in love with each other.

The sự kiện that brought them closer to lớn each other was when they were given a concoction by a restaurant owner who turned out to be the incarnation of Ra Im’s grandfather, & their souls were interchanged. Their souls finally returned to their respective bodies, but then Ra im got into an accident & Joo-won asked for his soul khổng lồ be exchanged again with her khổng lồ help her, so she can survive. He manages lớn save her but he loses his memories, including the ones about Ra Im. Ra yên ổn tried to restore his memory và was eventually successful, and the couple got married.

Their acting was very touching & has believable chemistry và made audiences fall in love with them. Here are some scenes of their thắm thiết moments!


Their Off-screen Moments

The scene above is when they have to kiss on their blind date, and they did it with professionalism. Not only that, behind the scenes, the two actors were very close và enjoyed spending time together.

When they were in a press conference together, they were asked the question “what bởi you think of your partnership?” Before Hyun Bin answered the question, he turned lớn Ha Ji-won with smiles & said: “Compared khổng lồ previous dramas & the leading actresses I’d worked with in previous dramas, I think this time right from the start there wasn’t any sort of gap, so I felt throughout the process that reduced a lot of pressure và I was able to lớn act more naturally. In the early part of the drama, I was living as Ra Im. That helped us to lớn get into the roles much more quickly và we also chatted a lot. So I’ve no worries about our partnership.”

Whereas Ha Ji-won answers with: “I feel very comfortable. As Hyun Bin said, I am both Joo-won and Ra-im, so to be able to chat more with each other và tell each other about oneself’s details. We also chatted a lot outside of work, và it was very comfortable during filming. Our partnership has been very smooth.” In other words, they are very comfortable becoming partners!