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Ikea et Sonos room starting to tease the next products that auto two companies oui collaborated on. Thé furniture giant aujourdhui posted an Instagram story that directly mentions the “Symfonisk” line and flashes the Sonos logo at the end, sauce soja there’s précis doubt that new hardware is comes soon. Deux fresh filings oui also just appeared at the Federal la communication Commission.

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The Verge can solely share details conditions météorologiques what’s coming. The first new product, covered in this filing, is a revamped édition of thé Symfonisk table lamp. That expected venir be sold pour around the same price ($179) oui the original product, which basically stuffed thé sound quality of a Sonos Play:1 right into the corps of a lamp.

But from what The Verge understands, auto $99 Symfonisk bookshelf speaker — auto most affordable gateway into the Sonos platform — is not tandis que for any diriger updates. Instead, the seconde product the Ikea and Sonos will certainly announce in 2021 is totally new: a piece ns wall arts with an integrated speaker.

Ikea and Sonos are also preparing année updated table lamp speaker. Photo de Chris Welch / the Verge Companies prefer Soundwall oui produced artwork conférencier before, cible it’s safe à assume the Ikea et Sonos are targeting a price point that’s drastically lower than those expensive products.

The Verge has seen an early image of this product, codenamed “Titan,” but details about how it features couldn’t however be learned. Specifically, the unclear whether the entire artwork print is thé product or if the speaker unir can be transferred between different exterior de lart housings. One of the two new FCC filings native Ikea et Sonos is pour a “wireless module.” At a distance, ce could look favor any du Ikea’s wall prints, only with much much more tech nous the est différent side (and a puissance cord running down from the bottom).

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All of the Symfonisk commodities so tarif have to be designed through a dual purpose in mind. Auto lamp combines a speaker et light source; auto bookshelf speaker have the right to literally be used ont a shelf when mounted venir a wall. And they’re likewise meant venir blend into patrie decor. From that angle, combining artwork and a music speaker seems prefer a organic progression pour the Symfonisk series.

I’ve heard indigenous a fair alors of Sonos customers that use auto Symfonisk bookshelf speakers as rear surrounds for Sonos’ Arc and Beam soundbars. Lock work an extremely well à la that purpose, marqué a stereo pair de wall de lart speakers might make for année even sleeker home theater setup.

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Ikea and Sonos oui not yet revealed specifically when they plan to announce their latest collaborative efforts. The Verge has actually reached out to Sonos for comment. In the immediate future, Sonos is gearing up pour the launch du its nouveau Sonos Roam, a product tons leaked passant par The Verge, i beg your pardon starts shipping nous April 20th. Amie can read mien full review de that brillants portable speaker.