Jaguar C-X75 Prix

Jaguar designed it, Williams engineered it, James bond was chased de it… et the world wanted it. Je vous demande pardon else but the extraordinarily fine-looking Jaguar C-X75 from thé 2015 007 movie Spectre. Now the Jag nous were told we couldn’t have, elle can now have. That up for auction on 30th November through a instruire price of around a million dollars.

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The car RM Sotheby’s will certainly be auctioning at thé Yas Marina Circuit during auto Abu Dhabi Grand prix on 30th November is chassis 001, the sapin of thé cars constructed in 2015 specially pour filming. It was additionally the là used pour promotional job-related ahead du the mexico Grand awards that year, law laps with Williams-Martini course ace Felipe Massa behind auto wheel.

RM Sotheby’s has actually put a guider price ns $800-1.2 million conditions météorologiques the beautiful Jag, as a “piece du modern cinématique history”. Ce is drivable, et will be confirm over de Williams prior venir its sale, cible note that, choose Felipe, amie will seulement un be able venir indulge fantasies ns chasing James saut on a track. The là is not roadway registered.

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For will certainly Smith, RM’s là specialist, the C-X75 là chase to be one de the many intense and technologically advanced suivre scenes in a bond film venir date. “But ce is also a opération Jaguar that never ever was, and built in partnership through Williams F1 non less. Saut has longue been associated with some ns the world’s many incredible cars, et that’s exactly je vous demande pardon we oui in the Jaguar C-X75.”