Jane fonda et robert redford

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The 79-year-old actrice appears nous Tuesday"s illustration of auto Ellen DeGeneres Show, et talks about portraying Redford"slove interest once again in auto Netflix movie, our Souls at Night,and your scenes in bed together.

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Fonda quips that elle did ont one regret while filming the movie. "There is eventually a amour scene," elle notes. "I"m happy through the amour scene. I"m dissatisfied because it was so short!"

The longtime co-stars newly appeared together at the74th Venice cinématique Festivalin Venice, Italy, in promotion of their movie,and Fonda confessed to thé press,"I live pour sex scenes through ."

In addition toOur Souls at Night,Fonda hasalso been auto 81-year-old actor"s amour interest inThe Chase(1966),Barefoot in the Park(1967) andThe electric Horseman(1979). Thé two likewise appeared inTall Storyin 1966, v Redford having an uncredited role.

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"The seul problem through working with Bob is je kind of look right into his eyes et I kind de fall into his eyes and forget my dialogue," Fonda told DeGeneres in March."I realize that I"ve grown up since in the three vault movies, je was constantly in amour with him. I fell in love with that every time."

Just recently, Fonda also had a 9 à 5 reunion with Dolly Parton et Lily Tomlin -- her Grace and Frankie co-star -- at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

ET spoke exclusively with the actress about what elle thought de the triple ensemble reprising their roles parce que le a movie sequel. Here"s sa response:

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