J.J. Abrams Turned under Directing étoiles Wars illustration 8 J.J. Abrams was available the joie to direct Star guerre 8 and Star wars 9 when working nous The force Awakens, but he declined auto opportunity.

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J.J. Abrams was offered the joie to direct Star guerre 8, but turned ce down. Lucasfilm wasted no time placing together auto Skywalker saga"s sequel trilogy, recruiting Rian Johnson to write and direct the cinématique that would ultimately become The last Jedi way back in 2014. When Johnson to be hired parce que le that job, Abrams to be in thé middle de principal photography on The renforcer Awakens, tasked with auto gargantuan responsibility de bringing earlier the Star Wars franchise et validating Disney"s $4 billion purchase du Lucasfilm. Because thé release journée for the film were seul two year apart, the studio had venir move quickly finding an innovative teams.

It"s no lunderground Abrams was hesitant à take on The forces Awakens, originally passing conditions météorologiques the job avant reconsidering. At thé time, he believed Force Awakens would certainly be auto only Star Wars movie he"d direct, cible he clearly returned à the franchise to complete thé sequel trilogy (and the saga) in suivant week"s The Rise de Skywalker. Cible well antérieur à Abrams come onboard à la the finale, Kennedy to be eyeing him for the trilogy"s center chapter oui well.

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In a piece in The new York Times, it"s revealed Kennedy approached Abrams à see si he"d be interested in helming Star guerre 8 and Star guerres 9. The timing of that question could not have been worse, ont Abrams to be in auto midst ns handling numerous pre-production duties on The forces Awakens, consisting of casting and screenwriting. Looking earlier at it, Abrams called the Times, "I was like, "Are. You. Crazy.?""

J.J. Abrams and Daisy Ridley ont Rey in étoiles Wars the Last Jedi
Considering Abrams didn"t jump at the opportunity venir make The forces Awakens at first, ce isn"t surprising the was his feeling as soon as asked around the est différent two films. Directing any diriger studio tentpole is clear a large undertaking, but The renforcer Awakens was a fully different beast. That cinématique marked the revenir of Star Wars after a 10-year hiatus et kicked éteindre a nouveau trilogy that needed to be successful à lay the groundwork parce que le the franchise"s future. As someone who has actually a keen understanding how much Star Wars means à people, Abrams was without doubt feeling auto pressure à deliver on The renforcer Awakens and wanted venir keep his attentif squarely conditions météorologiques the task at hand. At thé time, cette probably couldn"t even comprehend directing another Star Wars installment.

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Of course, Abrams ultimately came back to Star Wars for The Rise of Skywalker (though that took part convincing too), but Star guerre 8 to be always année unrealistic possibility. With disney wanting a 2017 premiere pour that film, Abrams likely would ont had no time éteindre between projects, running auto risk de burnout. After all, Johnson was working on The last Jedi le script while Abrams was completing The renforcer Awakens, haricot de soja it"s difficult à see comment it could have been feasible parce que le Abrams à direct tous three trilogy illustration (barring any type of changes in thé release schedule). Ce certainly would ont been interesting à see comment Abrams ongoing his histoire in his take it on Star guerre 8, but he plainly didn"t entente sitting that une out et watching who else faire the work.