La capitale du burkina faso

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A constitue French colony, it gained independence oui Upper volga in 1960. The name Burkina Faso, which method “Land de Incorruptible People,” was adopted in 1984. Thé capital, Ouagadougou, is in the central of thé country et lies about 500 mile (800 km) from the Atlantic Ocean.


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Burkina Faso is bounded by Mali to thé north and west, Niger to the northeast, Benin to auto southeast, and Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Togo to thé south.

Relief, drainage, and soils

Burkina Faso is positioned on an extensive plateau, i beg your pardon is contempt inclined toward thé south. Auto lateritic (red, leached, iron-bearing) layer du rock the covers thé underlying crystalline rocks is deep incised by the country’s three clé rivers—the black Volta (Mouhoun), the rouge Volta (Nazinon), and the White volta (Nakambé)—all du which converge in Ghana to thé south to form auto Volta River. Auto Oti, another tributary de the Volta, rises in southeastern Burkina Faso. An excellent seasonal variation wake up in auto flow de the rivers, and some rivers become dry beds during thé dry season. In the southwest there room sandstone plateaus bordered par the Banfora Escarpment, i beg your pardon is about 500 feet (150 metres) high et faces southeast. Much du the soil in auto country is infertile.


The climate du Burkina Faso is normally sunny, hot, et dry. Two de base climate zone can it is in distinguished. Thé Sahelian cential in thé north is semiarid steppe, characterized par three to five months du rainfall, i m sorry is often erratic. To the south, in the Sudanic zone, thé climate becomes increasingly of the tropic wet-dry type, through a better variability ns temperature and rainfall et greater arme à feu rainfall than the north.

Four seasons pouvez be identified in Burkina Faso: a dry and cool season indigenous mid-November to mid-February, with temperatures dropping venir about 60 °F (16 °C) at night; a hot season native mid-February to June, when maximum temperatures rise right into the low 100s F (about 40 °C) in the shade et the harmattan—a hot, dry, dust-laden wind blowing off the Sahara desert—is prevalent; a rainy season, i m sorry lasts from célibataire to September; and an intermediate season, i beg your pardon lasts native September till mid-November. Yearly rainfall varies from around 40 customs (1,000 mm) in auto south venir less 보다 10 inch (250 mm) in thé north.

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Plant et animal life

The north part of the nation consists of savanna, with prickly shrubs and stunted trees that thrive during auto rainy season. In thé south, the prickly shrubs offer way à scattered forests, i beg your pardon become much more dense along the banks ns the perennial rivers. The karite (shea tree) and the baobab (hibiscus tree) are endemic in this region.

Animal tons includes buffalo, antelope, lions, hippopotamuses, elephants, crocodiles, and monkeys. Bird et insect life is rich and varied, and there are numerous species de fish in auto rivers. Burkina Faso’s national parks include po in the south-centre de the country, Arly in auto southeast, et “W” in the east, straddling the frontière with Benin et Niger.


Ethnic groups et languages

The principale ethnolinguistic coporation, groupe of Burkina Faso is the Mossi. They speak a Niger-Congo langue of thé Gur branch and have been connecté for centuries to the region lock inhabit. They ont absorbed a alors of individuals including thé Gurma et the Yarse. The last-mentioned grouper has Mande origins but is fairy tales into auto Mossi and shares their langue (called Moore). Other Gur-speaking individuals are thé Gurunsi, thé Senufo, auto Bwa, et the Lobi.

Mande languages, which also type a branch de the Niger-Congo family, space spoken by groups such ont the Samo, auto Marka, thé Busansi, and the Dyula. Other groups de Burkina Faso include thé Hausa et the Tuareg, whose languages space classified as Afro-Asiatic, et the Fulani, whose langue (Fula) is a Niger-Congo language of the Atlantic branch.

Citizens du Burkina Faso, regardless du their ethnic origin, are jointly known oui Burkinabé. French is the official language, although it is not extensively spoken. Moore, the langue of thé Mossi, is spoken de a an excellent majority de the population, et Dyula is widely supplied in commerce.


More than half the population is Muslim. Around one-fifth du the Burkinabé are roman Catholic, et one-sixth follow classic religions. Most de the remainder are Protestant or nonreligious. Auto seat de the roman Catholic archbishopric is in Ouagadougou, and there are numerous bishoprics throughout auto country.

Settlement patterns

The population ont a totality is unevenly spread among thé different regions. Auto eastern and central regions are densely settled et contain about half thé total population. In the remaining areas the populations is scattered.

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More than two-thirds du the people are rural and live in villages, which tend to be grouped toward the centre of thé country at greater elevations far from auto Volta rer valleys. Pour several mile on either side ns the volga rivers, the land is largely uninhabited because de the prevalence du the fatal tsetse fly, i m sorry carries resting sickness, et the Simulium fly, i beg your pardon carries onchocerciasis, jaune river blindness.