Laurent de wilde new monk trio

The new Monk Trio albums sees a revenir to auto piano triples format à la French pianist Laurent aux Wilde. The albums was at first released last year à the français market only however nous the 1st ns February the album will see it’s relax to auto rest du the world.

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Initially once the album was exit in france it met with good success. In fact, seulement prior venir the communiqués of this review the nouveau Monk Trio album was awarded meilleur Record ns the year par the français L’académie ns jazz. This prix is not the sapin awarded to du Wilde, In 1993 cette was forgive the french Django Reinhardt Prize and later in 1998 the “Victoires aux Jazz”.


Normally i would ajouter some background informations on auto artist here, however année extensive éléments on gradué was published nous the platform ago in December 2017. Those who space interested in reading more about laurent can read the article here..

De Wilde, is non stranger venir the music of Thelonious monk. Thé 2017 french release du this album not seulement un coincided with thé 100th anniversary ns the Monk’s birth ce also marked two decades since thé first communiqués of de Wilde’s biography conditions météorologiques Thelonious Monk. Over auto year’s this book has received an important acclaim et has been translated et published in thé United States, thé U.K., Japan, Spain and Italy.

When life pushing the jouer button on my trusty old mauvaise CD player, the life thing the struck me was the album spectacular recording quality. The piano sound is natural et you can hear auto full spectrum de of the instrument harmonics, jérôme Regard’s acoustic base sounds precisely like a bass should and the drums space present and balanced perfectly in auto mix.

In thé accompanying notes à reviewers cette was declared “For thé “New Monk trio” project, Laurent aux Wilde decided to re-read a selection of Monk’s songs, à interpret them in his own way passant par modifying the d’origine tempo, transforming forms and breaking open harmonies according to his mood and humor.” This might not be closer to thé truth. Nous the album De wilde does not seul provide us with a reading of classic Monk compositions, marqué uses this compositions as a starting mission for more exploration.

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The albums opens with thé classic “Misterioso” casting ce in auto framework du a funk/Blues feel, this surveiller is one ns the an ext conventional treatments on the album however things échanger when we venir at the second track on the album, auto classic “Round Midnight”. This regularly “done à death” standard opens through a straight eight bass ostinato developing a modal bed contradicting the d’origine harmony. Once du Wide start with thé melody all falls into carré creating an amazing tension and release effect.

I especially appreciated Monk’s mélanger where de Wilde introduce a num of Monk’s melodies couched in calypso rhythm. His touch nous this route reminded moi of Ahmad Jamal’s classic piste “Poinciana” however it’s humorous technique is quel struck je the most.

My personal highlight nous the album is the trio’s take conditions météorologiques Pannonica. This reading is 180 degrees away indigenous Monk’s original. The sorte creates année ethereal setting with the melody floating end a loose straight eight backing. Truly beautiful.

Last année we’ve checked out a plethora de “tribute to Monk” CD’s released and I ont to admit once this albums made it’s method onto mien “To Do” list ns thought, “Here we aller again”. Ns could not oui been more wrong. The new Monk Trio, is one du the le meilleur Piano trio album’s I’ve had the pleasure venir hear in auto last 12 month’s et will remain in mien play-list for some time.

In closing i can seulement un concur with auto L’académie ns jazz. This album is a worthy recipient of the award. Extremely Recommended.

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World vast release first February 2018 (excluding la france where the albums is currently available)

Track Listing:1. Misterioso | 2. Round Midnight | 3. Monk’s atmosphere | 4. Thelonious | 5. Tune parce que le T | 6. Monk’s mélanger | 7. Four In one | 8. Pannonica | 9. Coming on The Hudson | 10. Friday thé 13th

Line-up:Laurent de Wilde, piano | jérôme Regard, doubs bass | Donald Kontomanou, drums

Label: Gazebo

The album is accessible at: Amazon | iTunes | JPC

You can also purchase the album direct at the JammincolorS’ website.

Editors Note: Laurent ns Wilde will execute at thé Sunset Sunrise jazz club in Paris on the 26th and 27 ns January. Details deserve to be discovered here nous the clubs website.