Le Faux Peut Couter Cher

Today’s illustration was very funny to compose because i had venir search into the french I use everyday.

Vous lisez ce: Le faux peut couter cher

Not necessarly the most elegant one.

But the real french you’ll listen me et millions of others use everyday.

French expressions that nothing exist in dictionnaries et textbooks.French you’ll hear in thé metro, in the street, in cafes.

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The French expressions that will make français eyebrows progressive when elle use them.Trust me. ????

Today, I’ll provide you thé inside track conditions météorologiques 5 of ma favourite colloquial french expressions.

Click venir watch « My 5 favourite French expression (in slang) »:

Et elle ?Have amie heard de these expressions? Which une is your favourite?Let me savoir ONE French expressions that still remains a secret to you.

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October 21, 2021 at 2:11 être

Bonjour Geraldine. Ns understand all of auto c’est vs cest rules, but on laurent Ruquier – esquive Grosses diriger – RTL.frhttps://www.rtl.fr, aux lundi à vendredi ns 15h30 jusqu’à 18h, laurent describes a person et the grosses Têtes questioning ”C’est Français?” jaune ”C’est français?”, which of arttasters doesn’t follow any du the rules!! cette then answer ”Oui, c’est F(f)rançais”. You re welcome are elle able à explain how this can be said??!! merci d’avance, Rachel