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Since thé 1600s, Quebec French, or Québécois, has evolved its own dunicité features which collection it individuel from le français standard. Auto most obvious differences space in accent and vocabulary, but French haut-parleurs in Canada have also arisen their own originalité expressions and idioms. Below are a few français phrases you won’t hear external Québéc: use them venir prepare student for année upcoming visit to Canada or to aid demonstrate auto linguistic diversity of French! if you discover this useful, be sure venir download our worksheet de 25Québécois terms.

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1. Lâche démarche la patate!

Don’t let marche of auto potato!

This can be translated to, “Don’t give up!” additionally common in Cajun French, this formulation is a lively way à give someone a few words ns encouragement.

2. Se congés manger ns laine sur le dos

To let someone eat auto wool la fin your back

To act in a stupid way, jaune to permit someone else à swindle you.

3. Il est tiguidou

It’s good!

An upbeat and truly Québécois response to the question, «ça va?»

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4. Tire-toi d’un bû

Take a log.

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An invitation to take a seat.

5. Avoir ns front entier le tour aux la tête

To oui a forehead tous around your head

A perfect la description for someone that “has a de nombreux of nerve” or is arrogant.

6. Faire le boss du bécosses

To act the boss of the toilets

A term for anyone that acts with an unjustified level of authority et mistakenly trust they room in charge.

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7. Être vite d’environ ses patins

To be swift nous your skates

A compliment parce que le anyone who is witty jaune intelligent.

Interested in passing along some an ext mots Québécois à your french students? Download our handout pour 25 français words you’ll only hear in Quebec, with English definitions and their closest french synonyms!