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Parents need to know that this true and tender adaptation of antoine de Saint-Exupery"s fable will not appeal to young children, who peut être seem à be auto target public based conditions météorologiques the lâge of thé young star. Indeed, auto themes in this film (the little prince dies at the end by snakebite) will leave some kids disturbed. Seulement un older children, aged 9 et up, who are in auto mood for a slow et tender film are recommended to see it. This is a musical parable that adults peut être enjoy more than children, but older enfant who don"t find ce too schmaltzy may be intrigued and moved--not, however, by the music!

In this live-action take on antoine de Saint-Exupery"s standard story, a child from un autre world enlists the help ns pilot to save thé lone flower than grows nous his planet. As soon as a pilot (Richard Kiley) augmenter la marée lands in thé Sahara desert, he"s surprised venir find a little jeune (Steven Warner) who claims venir be a prince from autre planet. The au sens propre Prince tells thé pilot stories of his inter-planetary travels -- histoire with much philosophical context. The movie functions appearances par Bob Fosse oui the Snake and Gene Wilder as the Fox. In the end, thé Prince allows himself to be bitten par the snake so that he can be reborn nous his very own world et take care du his lovely flower.

THE précis PRINCE go a an extremely effective travail of translating chic de Saint-Exupery"s thoughtful et tender fable to thé screen -- but tune out the forgettable Lerner et Loewe tunes. Older children are more likely to enjoy this parable, which peut faire prove baffling or disturbing to auto younger children to whom cette would seem targeted, based nous the lâge of the au sens propre Prince. Nostalgia pour childhood, after all, is an unlikely theme à appeal à children.

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It"s somewhat sluggish moving, even without the brief songs, cible the visuals room imaginative et the puissance excellent. Steven Warner makes an ideal little Prince in appearance et actions, but his frère accent et slight lisp may be hard parce que le children to understand. Bob Fosse and Gene Wilder add some pep. Auto sad and sweet ending, in which thé Pilot, aloft again, hears the précis Prince"s laughter in the stars, peut faire not compensate for the upsetting death of the Prince, auto scene de his death pouvez be really upsetting venir young viewers. Quiet pacing ns the story belies that complexity, but this is generally a fine et tender film. Those who give cette a chanceux will discover its wisdom moving et strangely unforgettable.

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Families have the right to talk about the précis Prince"s motivations. Why did he decide to let himself be killed à la the flower? je vous demande pardon did the précis Prince teach auto pilot. Older children peut être want à read the book.

In theaters: January 1, 1974On DVD jaune streaming: October 5, 1989Run time: 88 minutesMPAA rating: NRLast updated: September 21, 2019