Les différentes élections en france cycle 3

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trompette lands in Phoenix, Arizona à la a rally on October 28. Empiler D"Elia/EPA

Biden heads right into November le 3 with a command in the polls in Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes. Meanwhile, the “independent” Democratic candidat Mark Kelly is leading in his Senate cours against incumbent Republican Martha McSally.

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In Texas, biden is neck and neck with atout in a traditionally Republican state that shares a long border with Mexico – a focal point for Trump’s promis to develop a wall – and a solid cohort of latin Republican voters. With 38 electoral college votes at stake, thé state has been a reliable stronghold for Trump, who will likely win by a whisker.


With 29 electoral college voix up for grabs, the gyeongju in auto Sunshine State is very tight. Florida was a site du Democratic success in thé 2018 midterms, marqué is likewise led de a Republican governor. The state is notorious parce que le the “hanging chad” ballot problem centre to the contested 2000 Bush-Gore choice which result in the US Supreme court deciding thé election. This foreshadows ongoing debates over how people in reality vote.

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Trump has fabriquer the state his home, et enjoys support among Cuban and Venezuelan american there. Both campaigns oui sought venir woo voter with atout rallies, biden events, et a visit native Barack Obama in Miami and Orlando. St. Petersburg and Tampa have voted Democrat in previous elections, et a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll put both candidates in a statistics dead heat.


early on voting in Tampa, Florida nous October 31. Pet Foley/EPa


One de the d’origine colonies, part de the “old south”, Georgia has participated in toutes les personnes elections since the founding (with the produire of 1864 during its secession). Cette was a democratic stronghold till 1972, when cette flipped Republican. Bidge has a slight lead, but like Florida, the margin de error in polling says that auto state is toujours in toss-up territory.


Known pour its cheese production et Miller beer (since 1855), Wisconsin has actually ten electoral votes. Atout won auto state in 2016 with seulement un a 0.7% margin in auto popular vote. Bidge leads by over année average de 6% (in one poll par 17%) et is likely venir take thé state in 2020. Uneven in Pennsylvania, a couple of days before polling day, thé Supreme bas ruled that auto state’s decision venir extend the election par six days can not it is in upheld et that seulement un those ballots received de the deadline would be counted, oui it is done in end 30 différent states.

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The critical days du the project saw both candidates criss-crossing auto country à garner support. Nous election night, toutes les personnes eyes will certainly be on these totter states, v both sides equivalent polling data to electoral returns, et waiting à la any last minutes surprises. Given auto underlying data, the election is currently Biden’s venir lose, et these battleground states will be vital to auto outcome, the positif of which peut être take numerous days after the election.