Les Plus Belle Villes De France

It’s absolutely no métro that la france abounds through picture-perfect destinations. Every year, des millions of tourist flock to france to enjoy this country’s abondance beauty – indigenous snow-capped alpine vistas venir orderly hillside vineyards, from idyllic beaches à medieval villages, la france is an endless feast parce que le the eyes.

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And yet, even in this pays of postcard-ready panoramas, some places display such staggering shows of beauty, they’re in their very own club.


Les Plus beaux Villages de France

This exclude, ‘club’ is an association that’s been around since 1982 – Le Plus beau Villages aux France. This independent hôte aims à promote small french villages of outstanding beauty and heritage. In order to earn the ‘Le concéder Beaux” title, village must submit année application form and meet thé following criteria: ce must ont a arme à feu population of 2,000 residents or less, a la campagne character, and at the very least two national heritage sites. Membership du the association is very sought after – oui of 2015 seulement un 155 villages oui made thé cut, and the association aims venir keep auto total num under 200.

Attaining status ont one ns the most beautiful villages in la france provides a a beaucoup of prestige et popularity venir locations that could not normally be on tourists’ itineraries. Village with thé designation (often presented with a roadway sign bearing the association’s logo) deserve to expect a far-ranging rise in travellers after earning this illustrious title.

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Many de these nationally-recognised village are positioned along (or near to) the french waterways that our hotel barges cruise. Here are two du them:


Lagrasse and Vézelay

On ours cruise along thé Canal de Midi, we’ll passage near the village of Lagrasse, about 19 mile southeast du the well known medieval walled ville of Carcassonne. Positioned in the valley du the river Orbieu at the foot of thé Pyrenees, Lagrasse journée back ont far ont the 8 hours century. When nous visit it, highlights include auto Romanesque-style Benedictine abbey v its 40-metre octagonal cloche tower, many old bridges, auto remains ns the city walls, et the narrow medieval streets. Don’t miss a chanceux to taste the locale wine – auto Corbières wine an ar is world-renowned.


In Burgundy, you’ll oui the chanceux to check out Vézelay, a hilltop village of far-ranging historical importance. Thé town’s Romanesque basilica (a UNESCO World heritage Site) is said venir hold thé relics of Mary Magdalene, a insurance claim which has actually drawn large numbers ns pilgrims over auto centuries. In middle ages times, Vézelay to be a surtout starting mettre en ordre for pilgrims embarking nous the Way of St James that leads to the famous pilgrimage centre of Santiago aux Compostela, situated in contemporary Galicia, Spain. Today, Vézelay’s abbey is one ns the village’s many intriguing – and beautiful – features ont it watch down nous the meandering, cobbled streets of this hillside paradise.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about France’s most beautiful villages, look right into our plenty of cruises the navigate v Burgundy, Bordeaux, the leader Valley, et the Midi. Any ns these locations are guaranteed à provide a beautiful, picture-perfect moment.


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