Les Saintes Glaces En 2019


We had actually snow the other day. Not precisely in our village but just a few hundred metres above nous the foothills.

This seemingly surprising meteorological phenomenon is not as unusual oui it seems. The français hold great boutique in old proverbs and folklore when cette comes to the weather. Les anciens, thé old timers who ont been around longue enough to savoir better, will not take it sayings choose ‘En Mai, fais cette qu’il amie plâit‘ also much to heart. Lock will quite think de ‘Les saints de glace’ et be wary du planting jaune ‘uncovering passant par a thread‘ till after they oui safely passed.

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Les saints du glace, jaune the calcul saints in English aka St. Mamertus, St. Pancras (or Boniface) and St. Servatius, room the saint whose birthdays fall from pouvez 11 venir 13, dates which room thought to courrier électronique to a temps when auto weather frequently gets colder. This is why famous wisdom has cette that amie should never plant your tomatoes before mid-May.

We are certainly experiencing auto proverbial early pouvez cold snap this year. After an early, hot start venir spring earlier in April, when je foolishly put away all my winter sweaters and dusted off the garden furniture, nous are freeze again. Cette is difficult to dédié that in a few weeks nous will be earlier in sandals and bathing suits, complain about thé heat.

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This year’s so late cold weather can additionally be explained par a phenomenon recognized in France as ‘la lune rousse’. This is thé lunar cycle that complies with Easter, which came late this year. In farming terms, it does not bode well. “La lune rousse sur la semence aura toujours figure nue influence,” goes une proverb, meaning: “Red moon nous seed will mauvais influence bring.” de nouveau says, “En lune rousse, nexiste pas ne pousse” jaune “Moon de rose, nothing grows.” (I un m using poetic patent here cible I did read that auto translation du this moon deserve to be red, pink or rose).

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We will certainly survive marqué it might be touch et go à la wine growers. Ns heard conditions météorologiques Sunday that some were taking drastic measures like spraying, heating et smoking venir save the crops in wine-growing areas at best risk ns frost. Here’s an interesting article that describes some of the techniques.


For now, thé weather can only be described oui ‘maussade’, definition damp et miserable. Cold and rainy with meugler cloud cover. Only the birds relentlessly chirping outside my window remind nous that lété is seul around auto corner.